The sociopath White House squatter went to Michigan today for a rally, insulted the governor, made reference to a non existent award he never got, the Michigan Man of the Year award, lied about leading in early voting, and then proceeded to laugh when the MAGAts chanted Lock Her Up! Ahhh, the good old days. Donald Trump and his cult socking it to the nasty woman opponent — whomever she might be is irrelevant, they’re all nasty and they’re all his opponents, if they’re women. Governor Whitmer wasn’t having any of it.

Whitmer is right. Trump is ginning up the lunatic fringe. That’s the only base he’s got left. And they represent him perfectly, because lunatic is what he is. Here’s a few more samples.

This one is classic. Trump says, “if you’re a moderate Democrat or liberal who knows your party has gone off the rails, you must, by law, join the Republican party.” And then he encourages the MAGAts to chant “12 more years” after they have chanted “4 more years.” This is the underbelly of America, folks, take a good look.

This is all about Trump enjoying his fans. This isn’t a presidential campaign, this is political fandom. Trump doesn’t have a platform, he spews political fan fiction. This is all a comic book, a cartoon, because the candidate is — except a lot of people have died on his watch and that’s where it stops being cute. Trump may wink wink nudge nudge in his lounge act and that’s all he’ll ever do, because he’s oblivious to the larger reality, but the truth is, this is a horror show.

Here Trump isn’t sure if he’s in Minnesota or Michigan — or which state Ilhan Omar is a representative from. This is really strange.

Nothing to see here, just same old same old Trump. Ha hates women, minorities, Democrats and he loves to talk that talk to his cult and hear their roars of approval. This is a hate fest. That’s what these people have in common, is that they hate the same images. This is as close to the Two Minute Hate from “1984” as you’ll ever see on American soil, God willing.

Enjoy it while you can, Donny, the red lights on the camera won’t be going on for you for too much longer. Soon you’ll be alone in the dark. Soak it in. Memorize it. There’s no more when this is done. The cult will find another whack a mole to fall in love with. And you’ll be but a dim memory.


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  1. If racism was a virus like Covid-19, trump’s a super spreader there too.
    The damage he’s doing on a national scale will take a generation & more to negate. Instead of just individuals or simply pockets of vile racism scattered across the country, trump has ensured it thrives. Every rally he does, pours more hate fertiliser ensuring it flourishes.
    This is pure madness.

  2. Don’t get me wrong… I deeply admire Donald. He’s raised riffing on ignorance and hate to a freaking artform. He is literally the combined Michelangelo and Einstein of hate and ignorance…

    He’s been able to spin those two things for 4 years and make it seem new and fresh for most of two of those years. But even he’s run out of gas, and now its just putting in time replaying the hits. He’s like a rabid infomercial. Like, if you mixed equal parts botulism, raw sewage, and The Sham-wow, or maybe Shake-Weighty.

    And the mouth breathers and knuckle draggers just eat it up, yumm!


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