“Seven people were arrested after climbing Trump Tower in Chicago and unfurling a “Resist” banner Friday afternoon, police said.

Charges were pending against five women and two men whose ages were not immediately known, according to Chicago police. Police said possible charges were damage to property and trespassing. Environmnetal NGO Greenpeace, who claimed responsibility for the stunt, says that only four of its activists hung the sign.

Taylor Blevons, one of the intrepid Greenpeace activists that braved the Windy City’s gusts yesterday to unfurl the banner had this to say:

”This action demonstrates that we will not accept the threats that the Trump administration poses to people here and around the world,” he said. “Ignoring the science of climate change and removing us from the Paris Climate Agreement is just another indication that the billionaires who have hijacked our democracy are putting the short term profit of corporations over people and the planet.”

Kudos to the Greenpeace climbers who helped to keep the resistance alive!

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