I was asked if I could comment on our “great” president. My first thought was when did we get one? Now, I have been around for a while and I have seen many presidents. Trump is the epitome of bad.

To give my insight on what I think of the Trumps. I have been a life long Democrat but I never got around to registering to vote. I even helped out on campaigns and helped get people elected. At the tender age of 60, I finally registered to vote. You can’t complain if you don’t vote. I sit back and watch what Trump does and it just amazes me. He has been a fraud from the start. Hillary won but that’s another story. Trump does everything that he accuses other people of doing. That’s a classic symptom of Trump derangement syndrome. I say that as a rebuttal to what the right calls the left in their never-ending war on the left. Most of these people don’t even know why they hate the left. It’s mostly because someone told them to.

I was reading a post on YouTube. The person I was reading about claimed that he was or Trump because if it made democrats angry he was all for it. The big problem there that I see is you’re only voting to aggravate another group of people. That has nothing to do with looking at their policies, or their beliefs.  Nothing. But that’s not unusual. As far as I can tell, Trump has no policies or plans. He has no ideas for what he’s going to do.

The pandemic is a prime example. He has known since January that this virus was bad. And he did nothing. Yes, nothing. In fact, he had dismantled the very agency that was in charge of dealing with these things. His rationale was “I’m a business person.  I don’t like having thousands of people around when you don’t need them.”  Which was wrong at the time and has become very relevant now. And these people weren’t just sitting around playing cards. They were studying disease in many parts of the world. They would have already been working on this in January! Possibly as early as November when many reports say that China knew this was bad. And the reason that he dismantled this: It wasn’t cost saving. It wasn’t having people do nothing. It was because Obama had created this program. Trump has a never-ending hatred of Barack Obama. Anything that Barack did Trump has tried to destroy.

Another prime example is Obamacare. He is fighting this in court while he’s saying people have no worries about continued healthcare. In actuality, they don’t have to worry because – for many Americans at this time – they have no healthcare at all. Thank you, Mr. Trump. They couldn’t have done it without you.

Another story on our “esteemed” leader and the Obamas. Michele Obama gave a speech about Trump and his ineptitude at the Democratic National Convention. In the speech, she pretty much took him apart. It was a truly eloquent portrayal of a failed president. She referred to the epidemic and made reference to how many had died. She said that 150,000 people had died.

 Of course, then Trump got mad and said the number of people who died that Michelle quoted was wrong and that she recorded the speech and blah blah. Now, this is the true definition of narcissism. To go back and correct the fact that she was 20,000 people off. She was right at the time, but since we sadly have something like a 1000 poor souls passing every day, numbers change. I would have stuck with the lower number and kept my mouth shut. But then again, I would have listened to the scientists and the doctors in the first place instead of trying to prop up the failing stock market.

We had the DNC convention last week. Even Fox News praised it. Probably, one of the best that they have had. Now, this week they are going to put on the RNC convention. It is set to be a truly epic and wonderful piece of cinema with more than 70 speakers on the bill. Not a good piece by any means. The only immediate member of the clan of trump that’s not going to speak is Barron. Hopefully, he will grow up and become a good, productive member of society. As for the rest, Tiffany Trump is studying law. That’s a good thing. Her family will need all the help they can get. There are already indictments against some of the family members that our dear friend Billy Barr is sitting on.

If you are a late bloomer, like I was and have not yet registered to vote – don’t wait any longer!!  Finding a truly great President depends on it!

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  1. The real president is joe .and he and
    Harris will. Make theUSA. MORE GREAT.
    NOT A MAN.


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