When you see the world coming apart at the seams

Its all too easy to go all “Deer in The Headlights” … or worse go “Cleopatra… Queen of Denial” … It’s hard to think about what matters. To think about our liberty.

The problem is, we are all getting lost in the nasty details. As we live with a man at the Nation’s helm, who survives, even thrives, by throwing endless truckloads of FUD at us. A constant firehose blast of confusion, obfuscation, and dementia, drowning lesser souls in a quagmire of drama and crises. He succeeds by overloading our forebrains and numbing our emotions by continuous shocks to the sensibilities, gaslighting, and the constant experience of existential threat.

Stop trying to make sense of the details… there lies insanity… do not fall for Agent Orange’s psychotic machinations and distractions. Pick a clear point on the horizon and sail true to that point.

America’s Greatest Idea

We the People, E Pluribus Unum, From many One, not for some but for all of us, to form a more perfect union, embracing all our differences, our races, creeds, colors, religions, beliefs, politics, cultures, and points of view, strive in common cause, to…

Establish Justice, stand for equal treatment under the law. Live, abide by, and answer to the rule of law for every citizen from pauper to President. Ensuring that every American is treated with the due dignity, respect, and justice not just by the letter of the law but by its very spirit and most particularly by those who enforce it.

Insure Domestic Tranquility, a society that in its diversity, celebrates its common spirit and yearning for a brighter future. A society when differences are settled in thoughtful debate, spirited discussion, and enlightened intercourse. Where sanity rules and calm enterprise is the norm. Where peace is not a hope, but a blessing bestowed upon all equally.

Provide for the Common Defense, which begins with the commons, protecting us from threats abroad, and at home, from willful despots who despise Democracy and would stop at nothing to bring our house down. Defend us from powers bent on owning the world for their own selfish and narrow purposes. We must protect and preserve this precious thing, freedom. Defend it for each and every one.

Promote the General Welfare, we must make certain, that every American has equal access to the fruits of liberty, and the essential services every American requires to fulfill the promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Health care is a right. A clean and working environment is a right. Politicians, not owned lock, stock, and barrel is a right. A good Education limited only by a person’s hard work is a right. Protection from poverty and infirmity in youth and old age is a right.

And Secure the Blessing of Liberty. There is no greater gift than the freedom to be whatever we choose to be. We need to teach our children with freedom comes responsibility. This light only exists because we guard it with our lives and our dedication to it and one another. These blessings belong to every American, and those who would hoard those blessings for a tiny few are antithetical to the very heart of what it means to be American.

To Ourselves and our Posterity. And posterity is the thing too many of us have stopped looking at or thinking about. There was a time when American meant having this nation be better for our children than it was for us. That time seems to have come and gone. We got ours, our kids are on their own, and whether there is even a world in which to live for our grandkids… Oh well. C’est la vie. We owe our children this much.

Do ordain this Constitution for the United States of America. Let us all work together to build and share the blessings of liberty and put down the thieves and criminals who would rob us of our birthright. Let not this nation of the people, for the people, and by the people pass from this earth.

God Bless each and every American.


  1. Dont want to criticise as I really admire the work you do but the French phrase you stumble on is:
    C’est la vie. Literally ‘it is the life‘


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