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Republicans are pissed off. The idea that a man who violated a woman against her will should be investigated and possibly held to account is just too much. Not in their country!

“Republicans perceive that Judge Kavanaugh is a man who has led an upright and honorable life, certainly as an adult, and feel like his reputation is being trashed and his nomination is being railroaded,” explained GOP pollster Whit Ayres.

Certainly as an adult. That asterisk is quite the admission. Should a man really have to answer for the youthful indiscretion of suffocating a young woman to the point where she thought she might die? NO, Republicans are saying. And not only that, it’s an outrage that anyone should even ask— that’s the official position of the Grand Old Patriarchy (GOP) and they plan to ride it to election victory in November.

Democratic calls for a fair inquiry into Kavanaugh were a “dry run,” according to Roger J. Stone, Jr. Trump is next, they argue. The New York Times writes:

Patrick J. Buchanan, whose conservative, populist-inspired presidential campaign in 1992 is often cited as a blueprint for Mr. Trump’s 2016 run, wrote in his online column this week that the accusations against Judge Kavanaugh constitute a “lynching” and are part of “the playbook for what is planned for Trump.”

The White House and other GOP strategists, in other words, hope to make Kavanaugh all about Trump—because the more Trump, the better in their eyes.

To that, we can only say that more images of unhinged Trump attacking victims of sexual assault at campaign rallies, calling them “elevator screamers” and “paid professionals” is the most perfectly profane, grotesquely indefensible midterm strategy the Grand Old Patriarchy could possibly conceive of and advance. Good luck with it. See you in 32 days.

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