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Democrats can force Republican senators to put on a real trial by signaling that artificial intelligence spells the end is near for Republican talk radio.  Democrats need offense and thanks to recent advances in artificial intelligence very little activism will be needed to start a cascade that will force the advertising industry to break up the Republican talk radio monopoly. The Democratic Party and progressive organizations can jump-start the inevitable in time to force Republican senators to turn on Trump before he evades a trial.

As it is now, any senator that Trump thinks may not do what he and McConnell want them to do to prevent a real trial will have Trump, Limbaugh and his chorus of 1500 radio stations, as well as a bunch of Kremlin trolls attacking them. The same for Chief Justice Roberts.

That is why Trump paraded Limbaugh, not Hannity, the day after the Mueller report was released and then allowed a photograph of him having lunch with Limbaugh last Saturday.

April 20, day after Mueller Report is released, sending a message to GOP senators.

Trump knows what really scares Republican senators.

Dec 21, sending another message to GOP senators

However, if GOP senators see that the Republican talk radio messaging monopoly will be falling apart by November and be unable to defend their trashing of the constitution and get them reelected they will have to abandon Trump. Their only chance for reelection will be to get the truth out. Without their talk radio advantage, a lot more than a few swing-state senators will be considering abandoning the sinking Trump ship.

Artificial intelligence now allows anyone to digitize talk radio so it can finally be read, monitored, and studied. It can be searched and correlated with Russian social media trolling, for instance. Advertisers can be listed and associated directly with global warming denial, lies, and racism. Sooner or later the advertising industry will have to apply actual market forces to the talk radio industry. That will destroy the 20-1 monopoly.

Anyone can do it to any radio station anywhere but the Democratic Party and progressive organizations can signal to the advertising industry that it is coming on a large scale and it needs to stop subsidizing a dying medium NOW. An announcement that the DNC is going to start digitizing talk radio in an advertising journal could start it, for instance. The ad industry wants those millions of ears and it doesn’t want StopRush x 100 scaring advertisers off radio and onto other mediums for good.

There are more than a few Republican senators who wouldn’t mind letting Democrats lead on issues like climate as a minority than continue this disaster with Limbaugh, Trump, and McConnell crapping on the constitution on Putin’s behalf.

If the Democratic Party and progressive organizations want to get the most out of their donations and human support they need to take advantage of this opportunity at this critical time.

If the Democratic Party and progressive leadership continue to ignore talk radio and play catch up on most major issues, local activists can take the lead pointing out that 87 major universities support 260 Limbaugh stations. Many of those stations are the loudest in the country. Protests to push those universities to look for apolitical alternatives to broadcast sports on will get attention. With the list below it’s easy to send a message to individual senators by protesting at their state universities.

Did activism at the University of Colorado force Limbaugh off Colorado’s loudest station?

In September, Denver mega-station 850 KOA demoted Limbaugh to a smaller brother station. KOA had been broadcasting University of Colorado football for decades before it was sucked into broadcasting Limbaugh’s racism, lies, and global warming denial. CU is based in a community with many climate scientists and had been experiencing years of low level activism to get CU sports off KOA. The loudest radio station in the state may have acted preemptively to avoid escalating and more public activism. KOA also broadcasts Broncos and Rockies games and may have feared a broader community debate relative to Limbaugh’s racism, for instance.

Whatever a university wants to do or can do, advertisers and the ad industry will notice. If one university signals a future intent to look for apolitical alternatives others will be shamed into following.

There is no excuse for any university to support a talk radio monopoly that continues as a whole to deny global warming and excuse racism. The CU example can be repeated all over the country, with professional sports teams joining in.

If Republicans want to take legal action to keep the universities on those stations it will just draw more attention and make things worse for them.

That is what the advertising industry will go to great lengths to avoid.

87 universities support $1BIL/YR FREE political advertising for Republican senators

If the GOP would pay $1000 for a 1-hour infomercial:

x 15 hours/day = $15,000/station/day

x 5 days = $75,000/station/week FREE

The 260 stations below, endorsed by 87 universities, are worth $19,500,000/WEEK and


Here’s each state, the number of Limbaugh stations those universities support, and how much they’re worth to those senators each week at $1000/hr:

ALABAMA 8  $600,000 Auburn 3, Alabama 2, Southern Alabama 2, Troy 1

ARIZONA 1 $75,000 Arizona St. 1

ARKANSAS 3 $225,000 Arkansas 3

CALIFORNIA 5 $375,000 San Jose State 2, USC 2, Fresno St. 1

COLORADO 4 $225,000 Air Force 2, Colorado 1, Colorado State 1

CONNECTICUT 1 $75,000 Connecticut 1

FLORIDA 20 $1,500,000 Florida 10, Florida St. 4 Miami 2, South Florida 2, Central Florida 2

GEORGIA 14 $1,050,000 Georgia 7, Georgia Tech 5, Georgia Southern 2

IDAHO 7 $525,000 Boise St. 4, Idaho 3

ILLINOIS 7 $525,000 Illinois 7

INDIANA 11 $825,000 Notre Dame 6, Purdue 4, Indiana 1

IOWA 5 $375,000 Iowa 4, Iowa St. 1

KANSAS 4 $300,000 Kansas St. 2, Kansas 1, Wichita St. 1

KENTUCKY 3 $225,000 Louisville 2, Kentucky 1

LOUSIANA 3 $225,000 LSU 2, La.-Monroe 1

MARYLAND 2 $150,000 Maryland 2

MASSACHUSETTS 1 $75,000 Boston College 1

MICHIGAN 19 $1,425,000 Michigan St. 11, Michigan 7, Western Michigan 1

MINNESOTA 4 $300,000 Minnesota 4

MISSISSIPPI 6 $450,000 Mississippi St. 3, Mississippi 2, Southern Miss 1

MISSOURI 6 $450,000 Missouri 6

NEBRASKA 6 $450,000 Nebraska 6

NEVADA 1 $75,000 Nevada 1

NEW JERSEY 2 $150,000 Rutgers 1, Seton Hall 1

NEW MEXICO 3 $225,000 New Mexico 2, New Mexico St. 1

NEW YORK 7 $525,000 Syracuse 6, Army 1

NORTH CAROLINA 16 $1,200,000 North Carolina 8, North Carolina State 3, Duke 3, East Carolina 2

OHIO 10 $750,000 Ohio St. 6, Toledo 1, Dayton 1, Bowling Green 1, Xavier 1

OKLAHOMA 5 $375,000 Oklahoma St. 3, Oklahoma 1, Oral Roberts 1

OREGON 12 $900,000 Oregon St. 7, Oregon 5

PENNSYLVANIA 14 $1,050,000 Penn St. 11, Pittsburgh 2, Temple 1

SOUTH CAROLINA 4 $300,000 South Carolina 2, Clemson 2

TENNESSEE 7 $525,000 Tennessee 4, Memphis 3

TEXAS 16 $1,200,000 Texas A&M 9, Texas Tech 4, Texas 1, Texas Christian 1, Baylor 1

UTAH 1 $75,000 Utah St. 1

VIRGINIA 6 $450,000 Virginia Tech 5, Virginia 1

WASHINGTON 6 $450,000 Washington 5, Washington St. 1

WEST VIRGINIA 2 $150,000 West Virginia 1, Marshall 1

WISCONSIN 3 $225,000 Wisconsin 3

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