GOP Senator Johnny Isakson Calls Trump’s Attacks On John McCain ‘Deplorable’

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Interesting that Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) chose the word “deplorable” to describe Donald Trump’s latest barrage against the late John McCain. Maybe the basket is becoming self-aware?

Before we go any further, people ask why does Trump keep doing this? The answer is simple: one, he’s jealous of McCain in a general fashion, because he knows he’s a lesser man, and two, Sean Hannity keeps going on about how David Kramer was a colleague of McCain and Kramer was fundamental in bringing the Steele Dossier to light. Last weekend, when Trump went off on McCain again, Hannity had spoken, once again, of Kramer, McCain and the dossier, which riled Trump up. Something riled Trump up, in any event, and my guess is that it was Hannity’s show, since he lives, breathes, and reacts to everything on Fox News. Either Trump needs to get a grip, or Hannity needs to shut up about McCain himself, and right now I would say, there’s a greater chance of the latter happening.

Isakson is not the first, nor will he be the last, to speak up for McCain. Daily Beast:

The Georgia senator teased his remarks with an interview published Wednesday morning by The Bulwark, an online publication associated with the “Never Trump” movement. “When the president is saying that that he doesn’t respect John McCain and he’s never going to respect John McCain and all these kids are out there listening to the president of the United States talk that way about the most decorated senator in history who is dead,” said Isakson, “it just sets the worst tone possible.”

Isakson served in the Army National Guard during the Vietnam War but did not see combat there, unlike McCain, who spent years there as a prisoner of war. “I want to elevate John,” Isakson said. “John was better than I am, and I know it. John was the best of my generation. John McCain was and is a great human being.” […]

But Trump’s inability to resist disparaging McCain has made Isakson his most determined critic among Senate Republicans, at least on this front. He said the president’s long-running attacks on McCain showed an inappropriate “lack of respect” for the late senator’s military service. “If my kids started talking about John McCain was not a hero, or things like that, they’d have a serious conversation with me and I’d have it with them,” said Isakson.

Isakson makes a valid point here, that the sitting president of the United States is supposed to be a moral standard bearer and set an example — not be a rude, stupid, petulant child, dissing his enemies on Twitter, even when they are dead and buried. Trump is merely showing the Republican party who he is — which is somebody who values himself, his feelings of the moment, and his own future, over any party allegiances or loyalties. This is the being the GOP put at the top of their ticket. Evidently, they don’t like some of the collateral damage that Trump is creating by just being Trump, and it’s high time that some of them started speaking out about it.

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Almost as shameful as dRumps comments on McCain is the deafening silence from the rest of the GOP. Gutless cowards with no balls.


I could not agree more! That’s OK, they can follow him wherever he ends up.