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In a fairly stunning indictment, Republican  Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee acknowledged his belief that the presence of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, along with the Generals Mattis and Kelly, whose sole jobs now are to babysit and mollify the mentally disturbed Infant-In Chief, were the only things separating American citizens from the  “chaos” and destructive fallout of his incompetent and incoherent Administration.

In true Republican fashion Corker waited to deliver this harsh judgment of Trump until after he announced his intent last week not to seek re-election. However, as one of a dwindling number of  “sane” Republicans left in the Senate or Congress, he has shown himself in the past at least not to be a wholesale sycophant, commenting, for example, on Trump’s instability and bad judgment in the wake of his appalling response to he Charlottesville murders.

Today Corker was even more blunt. Asked specifically what he thought about Tillerson calling Trump a “fucking moron,” Corker came out not in support of Trump—but of Tillerson:

Eventually, a reporter asked chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Corker if he had any special insight into what Tillerson might think of the president’s intellect.

Corker refused to address that question directly, insisting that he does not “talk about private conversations.” But the Republican senator went on to suggest that the president is an agent of chaos — and if Tillerson ever disparaged him in a moment of frustration, well, it was probably justified.

“I think secretary Tillerson, secretary Mattis, and chief of staff Kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos,” Corker said. “And I support them very much.”

As pointed out by Aaron Blake of the Washington Post, there is little doubt that the “chaos” was a direct reference to Trump himself. What Corker is saying, in so many words, is that without the mitigating presence of military generals to soothe and re-direct him, Trump is a clear and present danger to the fabric of this country. And Corker is in a position to know:

Suggesting that there would be “chaos” if not for the generals and Tillerson is to suggest that not only is Trump not a steady leader, but that things are basically ready to unravel behind the scenes. This reinforces a whole lot of reporting and what a whole lot of people already believe about the administration, but it’s striking to hear it directly from a GOP senator who, according to his Tennessee colleague, has talked to Trump more than any other senator.

Having an incompetent wreaking havoc on American institutions may be perfectly acceptable to the people who voted for him out of spite for that sole purpose– in order to “avenge” themselves against those brown or black skinned folks they’ve been ginned up to believe are the root of all their problems– but it’s not acceptable to the majority of Americans who don’t hold their own lives and the future of the country in such low regard. We shouldn’t have to rely on Generals or anyone else to “protect” this country against a rogue and incompetent President.

But that’s apparently what we are now dealing with. According to the people in his own Party.

Just before they jump off the ship.

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