Five-time congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) may have sealed his own fate come November, with his idiotic stance against the coronavirus rescue bill. Massie announced in a radio interview Thursday that he planned to demand an in-person recorded vote on the bill, causing his frustrated and angry colleagues to rush back to Washington on red-eye flights or in their cars. Massie is not winning any popularity contests today, and he was summarily shut down when he stood and proposed his absurd plan.


Even Donald Trump got miffed with Massie, although of course he spun it as Massie being in cahoots with the Evil Democrats as opposed to the plain truth of the matter, which is that the man is an idiot, like Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Doug Collins and others of his ilk — but of course Trump can’t say that.

I’ll say one thing for Trump. If anybody is qualified to spot a third-rate grandstander, by golly it’s him. This next tweet is priceless.

So he’s empowering us, but in doing so, he’s making the war on the second amendment more difficult to win? Never mind, this is Trump on Twitter, it’s not supposed to make sense. In any event, Massie fired back at Trump. This is a good read. This is classic GOP love of money ideology  combined with confusion about the fed and debt and how government actually works. Simply stellar in a member of congress, doncha think?

The Courier Journal reported that Massie’s issue is spiking the national debt, which is always a good consideration. Unfortunately, Massie offers no real solution on what else we could have done. Just lay down and die, maybe? It’s a moot point. He got his fifteen minutes of fame and fell squarely on his ass. He’s a footnote in the history books now and maybe come November he’ll be gone altogether.

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  1. “Workers & small businesses need money now in order to survive.” – Trump’s tweet should have also included the tax break for the rich that all politicians voted for in this bill. Can’t trust either party. Eat the Rich.


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