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I’ve said it from the start, don’t let Steve Bannon slip off of your radar. Steve Bannon is some special kind of friend. What kind of faithful “wingman” bends you over and jams it up your ass, allthe while swearing to heaven that it’s for your own good. Bannon already did that with Roy Moore in Alabama. And he’s going to do it again, trying to handpick suitable slobbering bed wetters who will be sufficiently faithful to the Trump (read Bannon) agenda in the 2018 GOP primaries.

But I’m not talking about Bannon being a pain in McConnell and Paul Ryans ass in the primaries. Bannon can do something far darker and more personally dangerous to His Lowness, and Trump is so blissfully ignorant that he doesn’t even see it coming.

Remember one thing, Bannon is actually a mini-me to Trump in on e regard. He too is a small minded, petty, mean,spirited, vindictive little sod. He finds slights whether they’re there or not, and then he lashes out. Just look what he did in 2016, backing a neo Nazi biker dude in a primary against Paul Ryan simply because Ryan was not sufficiently fawning to the Inglorious Basterd. And soon, it’s going to get personal.

So far, it doesn’t appear that Bannon has been called to testify in front of any of the congressional committees investigating Trump-Russia. And not a whisper to indicate that he has spoken to Mueller’s FBI investigators. But mark my words, Steve Bannon will be talking to Robert Mueller, either in an interview with investigators, or before the grand jury. There is no sensible way around that, Bannon was too big of a cog in the campaign, and potentially knows too much to be ignored, up to and including what really was happening with Michael Flynn. He simply cannot be ignored by investigators. And that is where Trumps true danger lies.

Steve Bannon hates Jared Kushner, and his wife Ivanka, with every fiber of his being. Bannon repeatedly called Jared and Ivanka “elitist Democrats”, considering them a cancer on the Trump campaign, and his agenda. It was widely reported that there were three separate and distinct factions in the Trump west wing, the Trump faction, the Bannon faction, and the Jared-Ivanka faction, and they were at each others throats constantly. It reached the point that Trump had to order Reince Priebus to lock Kushner and Bannon aoone together in a conference room, probably with “The Sound of Music” on in the background until they promised to stop burying their hatchets in each others skulls.Bannon hasn’t forgotten a single thing about it, and his removal from the White House has done nothing to cool his outrage about Jared and Ivanka.

And Steve Bannon will be talking to Robert Mueller. I have absolutely no doubt that Bannon will consider it a matter of religious love to bury Jared Kushner deeper than Atlantis, and if he can sink Ivanka with him, that would be an extra helping of dessert. Bannon was around for Jareds meeting with the Russian banker, and around for his meeting with Sergei Kislyak, trying to set up an unofficial back channel during the transition. Who knows what Russian tidbits Jared may have discussed from the past while Bannon was in the room, and if Ivanka contributed anything to the conversation.? But you can bet, just as sure as you instinctively know where it itches, that Bannon will use everything he has to try to turn Jared Kushner into the rogue outlaw who tried to torpedo the Trump Presidency for personal petty gain when he talks to Mueller. That is an itch that Bannon will not be able to resist scratching.

And all the while he will rationalize it to Trumpas being for his own good. It was Kushner who was the traitor, he had to be stopped before he single handedly toppled the Trump Presidency. And in doing so, he puts Trump between a rock and a very hard nother rock. Does he sit idly by and watch Jared, and possibly Ivanka sink, or does he risk abuse of power charges by preemptively pardoning them. With friends like these, who needs enemas?

So, my advice to all of you good lords and ladies is to stock up on popcorn, especially since I was smart enough to buy shares of Orville Redenbacher all the way back when this shit show started. It should be very entertaining viewing. Don’t touch that dial.

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