GOP leadership pathetically begs Trump for new attorney general pick rather than doing their jobs

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Senate GOP leadership is desperate not to act on the Protect Mueller bill, co-sponsored by two GOP members, that’s already cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee. So desperate, in fact, they’re trying to reason Donald Trump into the swift nomination of a new attorney general to replace his disastrous acting attorney general pick. Politico writes:

They said that naming an attorney general nominee as soon as possible — specifically one who would vow to preserve the Russia probe — would go a long way in halting legislative momentum to protect Mueller and Democratic messaging that acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker will undermine the investigation.

That “Democratic messaging” includes simply highlighting the many times Whitaker himself said he distrusted the investigation, thought it had gone too far, and pondered ways to blunt and/or effectively shut it down.

GOP Sen. John Cornyn of Texas explained, “If we had some confidence that there is somebody nominated that would be confirmed in a reasonable period of time, to me it seems like it would relieve a lot of the controversy.”

Or you could do your job and pass legislation.

“Whoever is going to be there would have to make clear statements about what they intend to do on the special counsel,” said Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma. “The sooner the better. Let’s get it resolved.”

Or you could do your job and pass legislation. Good god, what a bunch of patsies. Trump is in complete Mueller meltdown mode (“A TOTAL WITCH HUNT LIKE NO OTHER IN AMERICAN HISTORY!”) and Republicans still just can’t quite motivate to safeguard the nation’s rule of law from Trump’s maniacal impulses.

If it weren’t so dangerous, it would be amusing. Republicans truly aren’t good at legislating, thus their healthcare repeal folly. The one piece of legislation they managed to get over the finish line with one-party rule—the tax scam—proved to be wildly unpopular. Now they’ve got a bill that polls have shown would have broad support among voters, it’s a total lay up, and yet they simply don’t have the guts to do their jobs. Pathetic.

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