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Friendly reminder: Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, run the House.

Sadly, GOP congressmen are having a hard time adjusting to this new reality.

The latest GOP humiliation comes courtesy of rightwing misogynist Doug Collins (R-GA).  Like many of his ilk, he has a particular disdain for women in authority. It really came across in his tirade against AG Loretta Lynch for not prosecuting Hillary over her emails. For the record, Collins has no problem with Trump’s sexual misconduct, and voted against the Violence Against Women Act . (Worst military chaplain ever.)

He loves hearing himself talk—he often posts his rambling diatribes on YouTube. He also seems to love cutting people off, which is what he tried to do to a female Democratic representative during Acting AG Matthew Whittaker’s testimony.

Except he forgot whose party this was:

Hissy fit is right.

The GOP politicians aren’t just kowtowing to Trump, they are becoming him.


The good news is that after Trump threw his temper tantrum over the wall, which he is never getting built, the entire GOP took a savage beating in the polls.  Simultaneously, Speaker Pelosi has been strengthened. Unfortunately, things are only going to get worse for the GOP. The House rethuglicans are going to have to learn to live without having any power, and that’s only if they are lucky enough to hold onto their seats in the first place.

For many conservatives, this is a bridge too far. The stampede for the exits has already begun. Rob Woodall, who won Georgia’s 7th district by under 500 votes,  just announced he was retiring well ahead of the 2020 election. He said it was because he missed his family.  Those who barely survived 2018 are facing a full-scale slaughter, so expect more people to suddenly discover they have families they want to spend time with.

Folks like Doug Collins may be too gerrymandered to face voter wrath, but that’s okay. We need his stupidity to remind Americans why they shouldn’t ever be returned to power—and to give us a good laugh every now and then.

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