Well, that didn’t take long. Admit it, you’ve been waiting for Republicans to blame Democrats for Trump catching the hellbug.

You didn’t have to wait long. Meet DeAnna Lorraine, a gibbering idiot who makes her living blathering bullshit for Newsmax, and who ran a hopeless (and senseless) campaign to take Nancy Pelosi’s House seat in 2020. The news of the Trump family’s COVID infection was broken around 1 AM Eastern this morning. Five hours later, Lorraine posted this on Twitter.

If you can’t see it, here’s what she wrote.

I’m just going to say what we’re all thinking. Trump was fine until the debate, where they set up microphones & podiums for him. Incubation period is usually 2-3 days. He tests positive a couple of days after the debate. I put nothing past the left. NOTHING.

Why, yes, Miz Lorraine, we all saw Uncle Joe nail Trump with that virus-smeared blowdart halfway through the debate. How diabolical are we?

No, wait, she’s saying that THEY “set up microphones and podiums for” Trump at the debate. So, in the maelstrom of stupid that passes for a mind with Lorraine, she sees the cabal of undercover leftists who run the Commission for Presidential Debates secretly tainted his mic or his podium with deadly hellbug juice before he lurched stumbled strolled onto the stage that fateful Tuesday night.

If you believe that, then I have a lovely beachfront property near the lithium cracking facility on Delta Vega that I’d like to sell you.

Of course, Lorraine offers no evidence whatsoever to back her claim. Proof? We don’t need no stinkin’ proof! And of course, she also thinks that the celebrity song show The Masked Singer is a “demonic” plot to brainwash Americans into wearing masks during the pandemic.

While most of the responses to Lorraine’s tweets were made by sensible people who dragged her mercilessly, there are those who couldn’t wait to leap on her foundering train to the fever swamps. Here’s just one:

I’ve been waiting for this. The Democrats aided the CCP in getting the Wuhan Virus to America. They had no choice. Had to slam the greatest economy in history. They succeeded, but didn’t stop the President, which was the goal. MIssion failed. SO, next step, give him the virus.

Sadly for Terry, he got dragged, too. Damn those leftists and their facts and common sense!

(Want to know more about Lorraine? Here’s a good place to start.)

In reality, Trump has been refusing to wear masks in all but very few and isolated instances. He’s been holding super spreader events every chance he gets, where idiots and mouthbreathers pack together inside convention centers like sardines and breathe one another’s exhalations. In fact, as Newsweek reports, after his do-girl Hope Hicks tested positive for the virus:

Trump then attended two events on Thursday knowing of Hicks’ diagnosis before being tested for the virus that evening. He travelled to New Jersey for a roundtable with supporters and a fundraiser event, two events at which he could have infected attendants.

Which he almost certainly did.

Well, we now know that Melania also has it. (I really don’t care, do you?) RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel has it. Senator Mike Lee (R-What Virus?) has it, and may have exposed Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Everyone in the White House, as well as those on Air Force One (where Hicks apparently infected Trump and his wife) and a big ol’ handful of Republican donors have been exposed.

Liars gonna lie. Grifters gonna grift. Spreaders gonna spread. It is what it is. That’s all the thoughts and prayers I can muster.

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  1. They ALL hate this country and should leave. I don’t care where, just go. And take your hoax covid with you. Super spreader vile P’SOS.

  2. Her name sounds like a stripper. It don’t matter she still sounds like an idiot. BTW someone tell this idiot, Joe Biden tested negative,

  3. Can’t any Republican say anything that is honest and with integrity? It certainly is beginning to look like being a Republican is synonymous with inability to be honest or have integrity.


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