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When in about maybe ten or fifteen years an honest history of the Republican Party gets written and published, the proximate cause of its demise will be established as the self-administered gut wound known as the GOP Tax Scam.

The Kochs have already rushed TV ads out that feature little white girls “thanking” Trump for the Tax Scam and a host of other horrors (if real) or things he had nothing to do with (if good). Guess what? They can crank out ads like that non-stop and run them on TV non-stop, and it’s not going to save their congressional errand boys and girls from the coming rage of the screwed professionals:

The tweet to which Eisen refers is the start of a thread that makes very interesting reading:

And as a coda:

Go ahead, Kochs.  Run $20 million in ads.  Hell, run $200 million. It won’t do you a bit of good.

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