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Well, the GOP finally managed to keep the government open for more than a month at a time. Forget the fact that they pissed off their own conservative base as well as Trump in doing it, they did it. YIPPEE! They’ve finally got that monkey off of their back, right?

Except no, they don’t. Everybody is being mesmerized by the whopping $1.3 trillion price tag, and the largest defense spending ever. So mesmerized, they’re completely missing one simple thing, a thing that is going to come back to bite the GOP in the ass like a grizzly coming out of his cave in March.

That $1.3 trillion doesn’t do the trick! An amount of money that is more than the annual GDP of some developing countries doesn’t even get the GOP through the election. That ginormous bill only keeps the government doors open and the lights on through the end of September. And that is going to come back to haunt the Republicans like  Michael Myers with Jamie Lee Curtis.

Glorious Bleater is furious with the bill, and held a rambling tantrum about how he’ll never do it again. Traditional conservatives are furious with the price tag, all on the arm without any offsetting spending cuts. And both the Orangutan in Chief and the Democrats are miuckle displeased that it did nothing to deal with the DACA issue. But apparently everybody felt it was a necessary evil for this place and time.

Here’s why it will come back to kill the Republicans. Congress is basically done for the year. First, the incumbents are going to be increasingly distracted by their primary races, and a whole lot of them figure to be contentious on the GOP side. Then, the survivors will be obsessed by the general election campaign. Nobody, especially on the GOP side is going to be in the slightest bit interested in passing anything of substance that could irk so much as one voter.

And yet, in September, scant weeks before the 2018 midterms, the Republicans are going to have to pass another spending bill, or take responsibility for a shutdown on the eve of an election. And considering the fact that there will be no legislative distractions over the summer to offset any new damaging Mueller revelations or indictments, or any other women seeking verbal emancipation to talk about what a lousy roll Trump is, he is going to be in a foul mood. And traditional conservatives are going to be in no mood for alienating their base weeks before the election with another unpaid for giveaway.

The Democrats will never hold more leverage over the GOP than they will in September. The GOP is in a true damned-if-they-do,-damned-if-they-don’t hole here. If they stand up to Democrats demands and shut down the government, they piss off everybody, and give the Democrats a closing argument against GOP rule. If they blow up the deficit again with another extension package, they infuriate their base, and risk the possibility of Trump vetoing it in fury, causing the shutdown himself. They have placed themselves into their own nightare scenario, being forced to take an action on the eve of a major election that is going to infuriate some part of their base, no matter what they do.

This is a shining example of just how incompetent the GOP is at governance. The GOP is already facing a wave election in November, and now they want to fire up a Saturn rocket behind it to push in higher in September. I always knew that Republicans were bone stupid, but at least I gave them credit for being able to read a calendar. Oh well, live and learn I guess. Morons.

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  1. They are talking about a Recision of that budget. Around 23 billion dollars. So what will they cut out? Most likely Planned Parenthood and any other funds that are supposed to go to deserving groups.
    Like you said in another story Trump and his minions are going to bankrupt the USA to serve their own needs.


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