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Wait!  You thought Republicans couldn’t get more disgustingly sleazy than they already are?  Well, we’re wrong again.  Apparently, a Republican activist tried to bribe people who once worked for Mueller into making sexual misconduct allegations about him.  Mueller responds with pretty much saying I don’t have time for this nonsense, and immediately notified the FBI to investigate.

There’s no bottom to the pit of corruption that is the Republican cult.

From the article:

 An alleged scheme to pay off women to fabricate sexual assault allegations against Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been referred to the FBI for further investigation

“When we learned last week of allegations that women were offered money to make false claims about the Special Counsel, we immediately referred the matter to the FBI for investigation,” Carr said in a statement on Tuesday.

The special counsel’s office confirmed that the scheme was brought to its attention by several journalists who were told about it by a woman alleging  that she herself had been offered roughly $20,000 by a GOP activist named Jack Burkman “to make accusations of sexual misconduct and workplace harassment against Robert Mueller.”

He “offered to pay off all of my credit card debt, plus bring me a check for $20,000 if I would do one thing,” the woman wrote to the reporters in an email, a copy of which I obtained. “In more of an effort to get him to go away than anything else, I asked him what in the hell he wanted me to do.


Burkman, a conservative radio host, is known for spreading conspiracy theories. He launched his own private investigation into the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, and earlier this year offered $25,000 to FBI whistleblowers for any information exposing wrongdoing during the 2016 election.

This is what the Republican party is, and has been for decades.  The way to stop them is to VOTE!



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