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It’s coming. Maybe even before the end of next week but Mueller’s on his way to a one-way ticket out of DC. Donald J. Trump is going to fire him. He’s setting it all up. 

Fox News is on a tare, with Hannity leading the charge, his eyes nearly bugging out of his head. Trump himself is now accusing the FBI as busted; the GOP is pointing a finger at one of Mueller’s guys for having the gall to have a private opinion of Trump, and therefore cannot possibly do his job professionally. The Wall St. Journal (Murdoch’s little stump) is on board.

Robert Mueller, who was universally hailed as the best possible investigator for getting to the bottom of the Russian attempt to influence the 2016 elections, now has a target painted on his back and the Republicans with Trump are now shooting at him with Gatling guns. 

You can see what’s next. If you can’t, you’re blind. It’s going to happen. Trump can’t take the heat, and he’s betting the farm on a compliant base and on little sustained reaction from any corner of his opposition.

The Democrats will choke a little on their quinoa and dried cranberry granola but the bet is they’ll calm down and go on to the next daily outrage perpetrated by the Groper/Liar-in-Chief.

We’re witnessing the realization of a virtual tyranny, by a minority of hell-bent-for-leather plutocrats, skilled in propaganda, organized by and with billions of dollars, owning most of the media, intent on stealing what they cannot get lawfully, and changing laws to get that which they cannot steal. 

Just this: Remember Archibald Cox. In his story there might be a small ray of hope. 

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