…in the last dike of prevarication.”—Edmund Burke, in the impeachment trial of Warren Hastings, from one of my first DK Diaries.

Like the Federalists and Whigs of old, Rs have no way forward or back. Have they given themselves a Hobson’s choice (first horse in the stable, or none?) or a Catch-22? Well, the new Biden doctrine is

We have a perfect right to do anything legal that they can’t stop us from doing.

Tax and tax, invest and invest, elect and elect, Schaden, wie sagt man, Freude.

“Let facts be submitted to a candid world.”—Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence

Kerry Eleveld, Daily Kos Staff

Dartagnan, Community

BTW Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are also delusional.

Then there is us.

  • Science!
  • Taxes that the public approves!

  • It’s investment, stupid, not spending
  • Senate Parliamentarian says Ds get more bites at reconciliation, but nobody knows how many—1? 2? 3?…Infinity? (H/T George Gamow)
  • Ds now strategizing how to get the most for everybody out of that ruling
  • Iran nuclear deal talks resume, some Former Thing sanctions to be lifted
  • Gun violence executive actions coming soon
  • Bipartisanship reframed: what 80% of Ds and half or more of Rs want. Never mind Senate R caucus if they don’t want to play
Modernizing roadways, veterans' hospitals among most popular investhments in Biden's infrastructure plan,but even the least popularinfrastructure proposals--to improve airports, electricity, transportation, restore disused fossil fuel wells and mines--have support from at least half of voters.
  • Infrastructure reframed: Not just roads and bridges, but everything that we can only do together through government that boosts the whole economy for everybody

We don’t just fix for today. We build for tomorrow.

President Biden


  • 25% of adults fully vaccinated in the US, 40% with one dose.

172 countries and multiple candidate vaccines engaged in COVID-19 vaccine Global Access Facility

That’s nearly everybody. When this COVAX program was announced a few months ago, it was only about 60 countries. The US is set to become the biggest donor to this effort.

OTOH Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are still delusional.

That’s my opening statement. Let’s get this trial on the road.

Oh, Yes, Science

No, that photo from Mars does not show a rainbow, which would violate physics. It’s a lens flare.

And Other News






The best news of all: There is too much Good News to gather. Come in and add some of yours. And, of course, cats and history and good food and all. Soss, egg, and a fried slice for me to start out, with just fresh ground round-world coffee.

Can you imagine if we could slip in some Klatchian coffee in the Senate dining room?

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