Good Day, Gnusies. Surprise! It is I, Nifty, sitting in for chloris creator this Friday. Chloris is taking a rare day off due to travel and it is my pleasure to provide today’s news. There’s plenty of it, as usual! 

Dems are Great!

Nancy Pelosi has a spine of steel

Lucky for us!!

Pelosi says Jan. 6 panel to move ahead without GOP’s choices, Mary Clare Jalonick, AP, July 22, 2021.


House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy said on Wednesday that Republicans won’t participate after Pelosi rejected two of the Republicans he chose to sit on the panel, Reps. Jim Banks of Indiana and Jim Jordan of Ohio. Pelosi made clear on Thursday that she won’t relent, telling reporters that the two men “took actions that made it ridiculous to put them on such a committee seeking the truth.”

“It is my responsibility as the speaker of the House to make sure we get to the truth of this, and we will not let their antics stand in the way of that,” Pelosi said. ✂️

It is unclear, for now, whether Pelosi will try and appoint other members to the panel, as she has the authority to do under committee rules. She left open the possibility, saying that there are other members who would like to participate. “We’ll see.”

One possibility is Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who was one of only two Republicans to vote in favor of setting up the committee. The other, Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, has already been appointed by Pelosi to sit on the panel along with seven Democrats — ensuring they have a quorum to proceed, whether other Republicans participate or not.


And there’s more! 

Pelosi Gives McCarthy A Good Ol’ Thumping And The DC Press Is Very Confused, David Kurtz, TPM, July 22, 2021.

A flurry of moves and countermoves over the Jan. 6 select committee left the DC political press badly exposed.

  • Nancy Pelosi’s rejection of two of Kevin McCarthy’s picks for the committee was such a power move that McCarthy et al. could only sputter at an afternoon news conference.
  • The GOP had already succeeded in avoiding any kind of Jan. 6 reckoning via an independent commission, but Pelosi’s move kept them from turning the select committee into a Jim Jordan clown show.
  • Pelosi’s checkmate gave McCarthy few options: In one fell swoop, she delegitimized the 3 remaining McCarthy picks AND whomever he picked to replace her two rejections.

The DC political press has Stockholm syndrome when it comes to the GOP’s aggressive use of power. So it’s as if political reporters can’t quite process Democratic power moves (which are rarer) as anything other than a GOP win.


🎶 Music for a Nancy by a Nancy 🎶

Dems show Pubs how to do this governing Thing

Wow, imagine this: two politicians have a vigorous debate on an issue and then work out a solution! 

Senate Panel Greenlights Military Justice Reform Bill After Years-Long Push, Claudia Grisales, NPR, July 22, 2021

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)

The Senate Armed Services Committee approved a sweeping legislative package to reform the way the military prosecutes serious crimes, handing the lawmaker leading the years-long effort a major victory.

Behind closed doors, the panel incorporated Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s measure as part of the annual defense bill, also known as the National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA.

For weeks this summer, Gillibrand, D-N.Y., openly sparred on the Senate floor with her Democratic colleague, Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Jack Reed of Rhode Island, to gain approval for her measure. By late Wednesday, the two had issued a joint statement hailing a new agreement.

“We are proud to announce the committee has put forth a strong bill that makes historic changes to the military justice system and combats the scourge of military sexual assault,” Gillibrand and Reed said Wednesday night after a daylong Armed Services Committee meeting. “We look forward to working together to bring this bill to the Senate floor and making the NDAA law.”

Dems insist on accountability 

So, this might not work as currently proposed, due to concerns about 1st Amendment protections and who/what metric is qualified to judge what is or isn’t protected speech. Nevertheless, this is good news because Dems are drawing attention to the harms of this unregulated set of media platforms, and that attention will start the ball rolling to figuring out ways to protect both public health and free speech. 

Democrats Want To Hold Social Media Companies Responsible For Health Misinformation, Shannon Bond, NPR, July 22, 2021.

Democratic senators introduced a bill on Thursday that would hold Facebook, YouTube and other social media companies responsible for the proliferation of falsehoods about vaccines, fake cures and other harmful health-related claims on their sites.


Co-sponsored by Democratic Senators Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico, the Health Misinformation Act targets a provision in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects platforms from being held liable for what their users post in most cases.

The bill would strip the companies of that legal shield if their algorithms promote health misinformation during a public health crisis. It would not apply if such misinformation is shown in a chronological feed. (Most social platforms use algorithms to rank posts based on what they think users will be interested in,) ✂️

However, trying to hold the platforms responsible for health misinformation may come up against challenges on First Amendment grounds, because such content likely falls into the category of “lawful but awful” speech, said Eric Goldman, a law professor at Santa Clara University.

Democrats blast FBI as new details of Kavanaugh inquiry emerge, Dareh Gregorian, NBC, July 22, 2021.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)

A group of Democratic senators is demanding more answers from the FBI after the agency revealed new details about the limited scope of its supplemental investigation into Brett Kavanaugh‘s background when he was a nominee for the Supreme Court.

In a letter June 30 to Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., and Chris Coons, D-Del., made public Thursday, Jill Tyson of the FBI’s congressional affairs office acknowledged that the department conducted only 10 additional interviews in its supplemental investigation, even though it had received over 4,500 tips. ✂️

Whitehouse, who had written FBI Director Christopher Wray asking for details about the inquiry in July 2019, said, “This long-delayed answer confirms how badly we were spun by Director Wray and the FBI in the Kavanaugh background investigation and hearing.”

While Wray has said the FBI followed tip line procedures, “he meant the ‘procedure’ of doing whatever Trump White House counsel told them to do,” Whitehouse tweeted. “That’s misleading as hell.”

Two points: 1.Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is one of our best, dark horse, Senators. He’s been there for us fighting against corruption, fighting for the environment and science and he is witty to boot! 3 cheers for Sen. Whitehouse! 2. I don’t think this is going to be the last we hear about Kavanaugh. It feels like there is something simmering and about to burst to the surface. You can be sure if Dems (led by Sen. Whitehouse) can get ahold of the evidence, they will impeach him.

WH and DOJ try something new to address gun violence

Merrick Garland spoke in Washington DC Thursday morning and then came to Chicago for more meetings on this subject. Given the limitations on the government’s ability to regulate guns currently, I appreciate that this administration is doing everything it can within those limitations to address gun violence. They are smartly going to partner with and support local governments in this new initiative.

Biden administration takes aim at ‘straw’ purchasers of guns used in crimes, Devlin Barrett, Washington Post, July 22, 2021.

Justice Department officials eager to stanch the rising tide of gun violence in America launched an effort Thursday to choke off the flow of weapons to five major cities, targeting small-level “straw” buyers of firearms later used in crimes. ✂️

Don’t let his mild-mannered expression fool you. 
This AG means business — the business of justice.

Historically, violent crime levels are still far below the record highs experienced in the 1990s. But there is growing concern among politicians and police — even as the Biden administration tries to balance public safety needs with demands to hold police accountable for misconduct and reduce the law enforcement presence in some neighborhoods.✂️

“We all know our job is to go after those who pull the trigger,” Monaco had told ATF officials at headquarters earlier in the day. “. . . But our job is also of course to go after the sources of those guns, the corridors that they travel in and the networks that feed those guns to the places where they are doing the most violent crime. And that is what this series of strike-force efforts is all about.” ✂️

The Biden administration “is trying to take on the historic increase in murder and gun violence. But the reality is that the federal government has limited tools to make a short-term dent, and local programs or interventions from both law enforcement and the wider community are more likely to produce more immediate results,” Asher said.

Dems intend to protect labor in the Reconciliation Bill

It’s still being hammered out, but it is good news that this is what Dem leadership is fighting for:

Just How Much Of The PRO Act Can Democrats Squeeze Into Reconciliation? Josh Kovensky, TPM, July 22, 2021.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) told reporters this month that the historic, $3.5 trillion, all-encompassing reconciliation package will include the PRO Act.

The House passed the PRO Act in March. In its entirety, the law aims at becoming the biggest expansion in protections for organized labor in more than a generation.

The bill would make a number of sweeping changes to American labor law, including giving independent contractors the ability to unionize, granting the National Labor Relations Board the ability to impose civil monetary penalties, and giving individuals standing to sue to enforce their own labor rights, among other things.

🎶 Music for Democratic Unity 🎶

💉 Health news 💉

Talk about needing a dark cloud to get a silver lining. Still, it’s good news that these states are finally seeing an increase in their vaccinations:

Vaccinations rise in some states with soaring infections, Heather Hollingsworth and Richard Alonso-Zaldivar, AP, July 22, 2021.


Vaccination are beginning to rise in some states where COVID-19 cases are soaring, White House officials said Thursday in a sign that the summer surge is getting the attention of vaccine-hesitant Americans as hospitals in the South are being overrun with patients.

Coronavirus coordinator Jeff Zients told reporters that several states with the highest proportions of new infections have seen residents get vaccinated at higher rates than the nation as a whole. Officials cited Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri and Nevada as examples. ✂️

The CDC has not changed its guidance that vaccinated people do not need to wear masks. But in Georgia, Atlanta Public Schools announced Thursday that it will implement a “universal mask wearing” policy in all of the system’s school buildings when fall classes begin.

In Springfield, Missouri, a Covid surge leads to uptick in vaccinations, Phil McCausland, NBC, July 22, 2021.

John Alarid, the pastor of Freedom City Church in Springfield, Missouri, and his wife, Hannah-Rose, said they were wary of the coronavirus vaccine because it had not undergone “long-term studies.” But the couple got the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine last week, driven in large part by the recent spike in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in their city.

In a video on Facebook, both admitted to a squeamishness with needles — the tattooed Alarid noting the irony as a former heroin user — but said “the risk is worth it considering Covid is taking out a lot of lives.”

“It’s either the unknown possibilities or the present reality,” Alarid said over the phone Wednesday. “People are dying. Most of the people in the hospital are unvaccinated, and so we decided that we needed to be an example in our community.”

R Guv frustrated Alabamans believe R Bulls*it About Vaccine

WATCH: Clearly Frustrated Alabama Gov. Says ‘It’s Time to Start Blaming the Unvaccinated Folks’ as Covid Cases Rise in Her State, Sarah Rumpf, Mediaite, July 22, 2021.

A clearly frustrated Gov. Kay Ivey (R-AL) told reporters that it was “time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks” as Covid-19 cases were rising in her state, and vaccination rates were lagging behind. ✂️

“Let’s be crystal clear about this issue,” said Ivey. “The new cases of Covid are because of unvaccinated folks. Almost 100% of the new hospitalizations are with unvaccinated folks. And the deaths are certainly occurring with the unvaccinated folks. These folks are choosing a horrible lifestyle of self-inflicted pain.”

When asked how the state government could increase Alabama’s vaccination rate, Ivey replied with a blunt, “I don’t know, you tell me.”

NFL is out of Fs to Give re vaccine refusal

Thankfully, it looks like some people in high places are done with the carrots. Here come the sticks (and rightly so! I am in complete agreement with French President Emmanuel Macron who said, “This time you stay at home, not us.”). 

The NFL Warns Teams Will Forfeit Games And Players Won’t Be Paid In COVID Outbreaks, Becky Sullivan, NPR, July 22, 2021.


In a major escalation of pressure on NFL teams to vaccinate as many players as possible before the start of this fall’s season, the NFL says that teams will forfeit and be slapped with a loss if a game is cancelled because of a COVID-19 outbreak among their unvaccinated players — and neither team’s players will be paid.

The new policy, which could potentially affect playoff seedings, was communicated in a 10-page memo to the league’s 32 teams that was first reported by Tom Pelissero of NFL Network.

“These operating principles are designed to allow us to play a full season in a safe and responsible way and address possible competitive or financial issues fairly,” states the introduction to the memo, which goes on to outline a variety of pandemic-related health provisions and policies.

Maybe we will get this pandemic under control, after all.

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Let’s honor truth and love

I thought I would try to include one of chloris creator’s regular items. I look forward to these every Friday, so I am guessing other gnusies do, too! 

Texas Dem loses leg, keeps fighting for democracy

One Texas Dem has been sidelined by a serious health crisis. Recovering from the May 2021 amputation of his lower leg, state Rep. Garnet Coleman has been the eyes and ears on the ground in Texas for the Texas Dems who went to Washington DC to urge the Senate to pass S1, while denying Texas Rs a quorum in the state legislature which they need to force through new voting suppression laws.

Surgery kept one longtime Democratic lawmaker from fleeing Texas. He fears missing a moment in history more than arrest. Jolie McCullough, Texas Tribune, July 19, 2021.

Texas state representative Garnet Coleman

While dozens of other Texas House Democrats fled to Washington, D.C. to block  a Republican voting bill, the longtime Houston legislator stayed behind, unable to travel while recovering from severe illness that led to the amputation of his lower right leg in May. His continued presence in the state makes him more vulnerable to arrest, as Republicans have voted to force back to the Texas Capitol any absent House Democrat within state police jurisdiction.

That prospect doesn’t trouble the 59-year-old lawmaker, who questions both the constitutionality and optics of such a move.

“Let them come,” Coleman said in an interview Friday in an airy, art-filled house. “They’re going to have to carry me in this wheelchair, and they’re going to have to carry me into the chamber and lock me in there.” ✂️

Coleman said he was told of the planned quorum break the night before, and has since stayed in contact with Turner and other members, while almost constantly watching and reading media reports. Though he feels useful providing an outside perspective, Coleman fought back tears Friday when discussing the solidarity and purpose he felt when he went to Oklahoma in 2003. ✂️

Either with the help of a hired attendant or, ideally, wearing a prosthesis, Coleman plans on being a part of the fight.

“I hope to be back and be in good health and be able to walk on two legs,” he said.

Legal News

22 Charged In Scheme To Steal $11 Million From Business Loans To Buy Luxury Cars, Jewelry, Kimberlee Speakman, Forbes, July 22, 2021.

The U.S. Justice Department announced Thursday it has charged a total of 22 people for a scheme in which they created over a dozen fake businesses to apply for and steal $11.1 million from the Payment Protection Program, which gave businesses financial aid to carry them through the economic disruption of the coronavirus pandemic. ✂️

$800 billion. That’s how much money the U.S. Small Business Association has providedto businesses around the nation. However, it has not yet released how much of that has gone to fraudulent claims. As of May, the Department of Justice has charged 474 people with fraud in attempts to steal Covid-19 relief money.

Michael Cohen thinks that Jared Kushner has already flipped on Trump, Sarah K Burris, Raw Story, July 21, 2021.


Former Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen made a bold declaration on Wednesday when he tweeted that he thinks that Jared Kushner has already flipped on his father-in-law in conversations with prosecutors.

“Interesting how Jared Kushner (#SecretaryOfEverything) name appears to be absent from all the controversy, indictments and arrests. Is he next to fall or a cooperating witness? Knowing what a snake he is, I bet the latter!” tweeted Cohen.

Tom Barrack’s indictment will potentially lead to other indictments, as former federal prosecutor Barbara McQuade explained on MSNBC earlier this week.

🎶 Music for Mobbish Michael 🎶

Good News from Illinois

Have I mentioned lately how much I like my governor, JB Pritzker? Oh, it’s been at least two days you say? Well! Let me rectify that oversight right now: I really like my governor JB Pritzker! Every single week he surprises us with yet another smart, progressive and helpful action. Here is Thursday’s:

Pritzker signs laws easing access to birth control, expanding telehealth services, Rachel Hinton, Chicago Sun✶Times, July 22, 2021.

Gov. JB Pritzker and Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton

Gov. J.B. Pritzker on Thursday signed a law allowing pharmacists to assess and prescribe hormonal birth control to patients, a move Pritzker and champions of the bill called a “common sense approach” to helping women get contraceptives from trusted sources.

The governor also signed legislation that expands the state’s telehealth services and bars insurers from requiring patients to provide a reason for choosing a remote visit over an in-person meeting.

At the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Pharmacy Thursday morning, Pritzker said women in the state have to “navigate a maze of requirements” to get their birth control prescriptions along with juggling a job, getting to and from their place of work and, in many cases, children and child care.

“I don’t have to have been through all of those challenges myself to know that there’s got to be a better way. And as of Jan. 1, there will be,” Pritzker said. “When I signed the Reproductive Health Act into law, I said that in Illinois we guarantee a fundamental right is a woman’s right to choose. Today, we take yet another step to fulfill on that promise.”

The hoops women have to jump through to obtain female-controlled contraceptives have long been ridiculous patriarchal gate-keeping. This law will eliminate the unnecessary, invasive and expensive physician exams that have been the price women have been required to pay annually simply to get a prescription (in addition to the price of the medications themselves). 

Getting cops out of Chicago Public Schools

This is such good news. It has never made sense to have police in schools disciplining children — what were we thinking? Instead, the pressure to allocate resources more sensibly (in mental health and social services, for example) is finally getting results. Remember that research about how peaceful, persistent public pressure works? Here’s another data point in support of that:

CPS schools remove dozens of cops, shifting $2M from school policing to other student supports, Nader Issa, Chicago Sun✶Times, July 22, 2021.

More than 30 Chicago high schools have voted to redirect money spent on uniformed police officers to alternative behavioral and mental health supports a year after intense student-led protests put a microscope on the role of cops in public schools.


The moves shift about $2 million from policing to restorative justice programs, according to an advocacy group involved in the district’s planning, with a total of 31 high schools choosing to remove at least one of the two officers typically stationed inside their buildings.

“By shifting the conversation towards more holistic approaches to safety, we believe that the new plans will enable schools to use strategies that are more proactive and supportive in keeping our students safe,” Jadine Chou, CPS’ chief of safety and security, said in a statement. ✂️

Juleny Santa Cruz, a youth program manager with another group, Mikva Challenge, said the “youth voice was one of the major driving forces for this process and has set the precedent for more student-led decision making in CPS.

CHicago city colleges offering free career training programs

This is the sort of sensible investment into our future — and our kids’ futures — that we need. Cost should not be a barrier for people to develop skills for careers. Their success becomes our collective success.

City Colleges’ Future Ready initiative to offer 60 career training programs this fall — for free, Nichole Shaw, Chicago Sun✶Times, July 22, 2021.

Chicago, Lake Shore Drive

City Colleges of Chicago plans to aid adult learners this fall with Future Ready, a new initiative featuring 60 career training programs that will be made available to students at no cost.

The new programs were scheduled to be announced Thursday and cover subjects ranging from health care to cannabis operations to criminal justice to auto mechanics. The programs will be offered either in-person or online and range in length from one day to three semesters. ✂️

“We expect this to have a positive impact on fall enrollment, but we are not doing this to boost enrollment,” Potter said. “We are doing this because we see ourselves as a resource to Chicagoans and want to eliminate barriers to employment. With Future Ready, we are able to grant access to higher education in a way that contributes to the city’s workforce directly.”

🎶 Music for My Kind of Town 🎶


By the time this GNR goes live Friday morning, we will know what happened by the midnight deadline (if I am able to catch the story before I conk out, I will update this here entry):

Lin Wood is on the verge of blowing off a key deadline set by Michigan judge — and could get hit by major sanctions, Matthew Chapman, Raw Story, July 22, 2021.

On Thursday, Reuters’ Jan Wolfe reported that infamous pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood is about to miss his deadline to explain to a federal judge in Michigan why he should not face professional sanctions for his behavior in court.


This guy must have a letter “L” on his forehead

Trump-loving Republicans snatch up ‘magacoins’ — and quickly fall victim to data breach, Travis Gettys, Raw Story, July 22, 2021.


Poor security on a website associated with the cryptocurrency exposed users’ personal information, including passwords and IP addresses, and revealed that the vast majority of the magacoin produced has gone to its self-described creator Marc Zelinka, a Trump-loving consultant, and a Super PAC associated with him, reported The Guardian.

A self-described hacktivist shared the website’s data with the newspaper, showing that most users have only 100 magacoins, but at least some of them have taken advantage of an offer of 1,000 free magacoins to certain radio hosts, media personalities, bloggers and grassroots groups who agree to promote the cryptocurrency. ✂️

O’Neal (who controls the cryptocurrency project) has worked on the losing campaign for accused pedophile judge Roy Moore, and he reportedly has a stake in the right-wing conspiracy website Big League Politics.

His Tidewater Strategies was paid by pro-Trump Republican candidates in the last election cycle, but most of them lost.

These two 🙄

The Matt Gaetz-Marjorie Taylor Greene Fundraising Tour Is Actually a Cash Fire, Roger Sollenberger, Daily Beast, July 22, 2021.

At the height of the controversy surrounding Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and the revelations that he’s under investigation for sex trafficking, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) bet big on a nationwide joint fundraising tour with her embattled colleague. But new campaign filings show that not only did the gamble not pay off, but that the much-maligned Republicans actually spent four times as much as they raised.

Greene, the House GOP’s top fundraiser, is now faced with a decision: She can continue to join forces with her beleaguered ally at the expense of her campaign war chest, or she can cut bait and let Gaetz fend for himself. ✂️

Two months in, however, their joint effort appears primarily concerned with fighting gravity. Venues have canceled events in response to public outcry, and after the launch at The Villages the media has largely ignored their whistle-stops.

🎶 Music for Loser Rs 🎶

⚡️ Lightning RoundUp ⚡️

⚡️ Yer Wonkette: Let’s Check In With The Guy Who Says Trump Aced His Dementia Test, Evan Hurst, Wonkette, July 22, 2021.

⚡️ Helpful: The delta variant and kids: Parents’ questions answered, Amy Joyce, Washington Post, July 22, 2021.

⚡️ Rule of thumb, IRS always uses USPS for official correspondence: The IRS Won’t Be Calling, Emailing Or Texting. Don’t Fall For Child Tax Credit Scams, Vanessa Romo, NPR, July 22, 2021.

⚡️ Today It’s Critical Race Theory. 200 Years Ago It Was Abolitionist Literature. Anthony Conwright, Mother Jones, Sept-Oct, 2021.

⚡️ Tell us something we didn’t know: Republicans Hate Voting Rights Because They Threaten White Power, Elie Mystal and the Nation, July 21, 2021.

⚡️ Why doesn’t the press tell Trump to “go away” — the way they did Hillary? Eric Boehlert, Press Run, July 21, 2021.

⚡️ Starr, Kavanaugh, Epstein; repugnant Republicans: Kenneth Starr shows how flamboyantly pious have so much further to fall, Gene Lyons, Chicago Sun✶Times, July 22, 2021.

⚡️ Opinion: The FBI’s ‘investigation’ of Kavanaugh was laughable, Ruth Marcus, Washington Post, July 22, 2021.

⚡️ Kevin McCarthy gets caught off guard when asked if he’ll testify about his talk with Trump on Jan. 6, Raw Story, July 22, 2021.

⚡️ Go right ahead, F*ckwit; refunds for everyone! Eric Clapton Says He Won’t Perform Where Vaccine Is Required, Gets Feedback, HuffPost,July 22, 2021.

⚡️ Begins 7ET today: What to know about the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Tokyo, Matt Bonesteel, Washington Post, July 22, 2021.

⚡️ Every Single Olympic Event—All 339 of Them—Ranked From Worst to Best, Mike Cantor, Slate, July 2021.

😃 The Lighter Side 😃

Olympians On TikTok Are Spilling The Tea & Testing The Limits Of Their Cardboard Beds, Jenna Amatulli, HuffPost, July 22, 2021.


And here are some funnies courtesy of our very own NotNowNotEver  

thank you, NNNE!

Cut and paste me.  Go ahead, I like it.

Since we all know no single person can replace chloris (or was that Goodie?), I reached out to my erstwhile Tuesday associate, NNNE, to get some extra goodies for today’s stand-in roundup.

On the Lighter Side

The majority of these memes were submitted by NNNE’s friend, REDACTED.  REDACTED is quite shy about being doxed and would prefer we refer to him/her/them as REDACTED, so quit asking.





French Tourists







💙 What You Can Do to Rescue Democracy 💙

It turns out that participation in democracy is not just an every-four-years event but requires active participation, like, whenever you can find time.

Current projects:

Look in the comments for Progressive Muse’s report on Postcards to Voters

And some other ideas:

You can relax and recharge.

You can join protests and freeway blog.

You can help register new voters.

You can smile.

You can get out the vote for special elections.

You can reach out to upset Republicans.  We need to win some back.

You can share your ideas below.

💙 RoundUp WindDown 💙

That’s it from me and the Curlygirly for another week. Thank you for reading along, gnusies, and sorry no White House list. I wasn’t sure how to get that sorted so I will rely on cc to bring back her very popular feature next week. 

Last thing before I go. It’s Friday and hopefully you all have a weekend break in front of you. Take the opportunity (either this weekend or whenever you can get a day or two off) to look after your human spirit as well as your body. Take time to replenish your energy and well-being, by doing an activity you truly enjoy — whatever relaxes and restores you. 

Eat nutritious food, get some rest and if you can try to get outside every day. Just moving out in the world — away from desks and chores and chatter — can lift the spirits and brighten perspective. You and your warm, pink, bleeding liberal heart are very precious in this crazy world. You want to make the world a better place and I am so grateful for you. Take good care of yourself!

Happy Friday, Gnusies!

What? This is how I like to sleep after a very hectic week. 

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