Wow, even the legendary Donald Trump charm cannot overcome North Korea’s commitment to its nuclear plan, which announced it was canceling the summit because de-nuclearization is on the agenda. Everyone with a brain knew that the odds of North Korea would give up its nukes were about the same as Mexico paying for the wall. That alone was reason enough to never agree to a summit in the first place.

North Korea said they would reconsider if the U.S. took North Korea’s nukes off the table. But, there is no point in Trump meeting with the head of North Korea, a move not made by any American president because of the legitimacy and prestige it confers (ignored by Trump) if they cannot talk about when North Korea would destroy its nuclear weapons.

The announcement today likely wasn’t helped by the fact that the American military – along with our South Korean allies – picked this point in time to conduct significant military exercises, which always send a message despite the need to train. A real Commander in Chief might have noted a few weeks ago that perhaps he should hold off on the military exercises until after the summit and something signed.

There is absolutely no point in making any “deal” with North Korea without discussion regarding their nukes, and yet there could be reason to worry that the “Only I can save the United States” president will promise to disregard discussing the nuclear program, all to get his meeting. Because Trump definitely wants that Nobel Prize, talked about only by members of the Alt-right. After all, Obama got one, and we know Trump wants to “one-up” Obama as the true policy of his administration. Plus, Nobel prizes come with over a million dollars, which might make Trump promise to give up our nukes instead, apparently he needs the cash, given he’s now China’s champion because they gave-in on a deal with Trump personally.


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