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The Young Turks / YouTube

For someone who publicly criticized Barack Obama for playing golf while on the job, Donald Trump is turning out to be – what else – very hypocritical.  In 2014, he tweeted:

But lo and behold, the Phony-in-Chief has been at a golf club a total of 105 times since becoming President, including this weekend.  Not that math is my forte, but Trump has been in office for a total of 62 weeks (since Jan. 21, 2017), he could have only possibly been on the golf course 124 times if he went EVERY SINGLE weekend.

Interesting, since Obama only played 333 times over his two terms, EIGHT years in total, according to CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller, who tracked Obama’s games.

Let’s just say that the Fat-Ass Golfer-in-Chief (somehow!) survives his 4 year term, (wait, let me get my cyanide pill ready), that would mean, if he keeps up his current rate, he will be golfing approximately 420 times over FOUR years.  That’s a far more significant number of times from the “unbelievable” amount of time Obama spent on the golf course.

I guess the fact is clear: DT just doesn’t want to deal with “all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S.”

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