GoFundMe border wall project hits another snag

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At this point, Trump and his cultists might as well wait for continental drift to separate the U.S. from Mexico. ‘Cause that wall ain’t getting built anytime soon.

Now, the group that famously raised $20 million to build a tiny portion of Trump’s giant border wall has run into more problems — other than the apparent shadiness of its leader.

It started building the wall over the weekend, but now it faces some legal hurdles that aren’t quite as easy to clear as a dumb fucking wall randomly dropped in the middle of nowhere.

The Daily Beast:

The cease-and-desist order represents a new obstacle for the group and its founder, triple-amputee veteran Brian Kolfage. Kolfage’s crowdfunding effort became a cause célèbre on the right last December, when he rapidly raised $20 million on GoFundMe for the wall. So far they have built less than a half-mile of fence on the border over the weekend.

Sunland Park Mayor Javier Perea said at a press conference the city issued a cease-and-desist order, saying it is in violation of city ordinances. George Cudahy, whose company owns the land where the wall is being built, submitted an application for a building permit last week. Sunland Park officials declared the application incomplete, Perea said, because it lacked a site plan development and included contradictory information around the construction.

You mean you can’t just start building shit wherever you want without getting your permits squared away? And there are still people on this planet who don’t know that?

For example, Perea said, city ordinances require walls to be under six feet. The border stands at roughly 20 feet, with seven feet buried beneath the ground. Nor was a necessary environmental survey completed, he said.

Jesus Christ, you guys.

For his part, Kolfage thought the cease-and-desist order was — ***checks notes*** — oh, here it is. BULLSHIT!

Oh, those awful liberals, demanding that people follow the law and stuff.

Of course, if by some miracle Donald Trump ever does get his wall money, this clusterf — and then some — will be repeated all across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Luckily, he’s never going to get that money. Like, ever.


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Michael owens
Michael owens

I cant believe that there are so many stupid people in nth America