Go ahead GOP, try it. I dare you.

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A movement is just that, it moves a certain distance and then it stops. A revolution has a way of always coming around, in your face   Tommy Lee Jones   Under Siege

As Tommy Lee Jones also said in The Fugitive, “My, my, my, what a mess.” After only 48 hours, all of the Nervous Nellies and Sweaty Sams of the media pundit world are scrambling for the bathroom to change their Depends over Beto O’Rourke’s passionate comment on assault weapons in the debate the other night. They’re already looking furtively around the set for a handy fainting couch to collapse on while moaning about all of the ads Trump and the NRA are going to run about “the Democrats coming to take away your guns!” to fire up their base. Personally? I think they’re full of shit.

For the Republicans in 2020, running on any kind of a pro gun platform is going to be incredibly dangerous. First of all, thanks to the plethora of mass shooting tragedies in this country, with no end in sight, the national mood on gun control has changed, and that change is only going to get more pronounced. Right now, universal background checks enjoy a 90% popularity in national polling, and the nation is furious at Trump, Mitch McConnell, and the GOP for their inactivity on that issue. So, any kind of defense on the 2nd amendment only puts them on the defensive over their inactivity while children die.

Second, the damage isn’t restricted to the subject of universal background checks. A ban on assault style weapons, assault weapon ammo, and extended clips for the above are polling with popularity in the mid 70’s. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, the idea of a “voluntary” assault weapons buyback polls with a clear majority in the high 50’s, and even the dreaded involuntary assault weapon buyback idea is at the cusp of majority support at 47%. People are sick and fed up with the carnage, and the only ones who don’t seem to realize that are the NRA, and their wholly owned sock puppets, the GOP.

Assault weapons are hard to defend. You can’t use them for hunting, they’re inaccurate at distance, and the bullets disintegrate on impact ruining the meat. You thought a couple of bird shot pellets in your quail was bad, wait until you chew down on sharp shrapnel in your venison. You can’t target shoot with them, again, they’re inaccurate at any distance, and besides, where’s the thrill in blasting 30 widely scattered holes in a paper target, unless mentally you’re halfway ready to grab your new toy and head to a bar? You can’t even use them for home defense, since even if you manage to hit the intruder, you’re just as likely to hit Granny, little Suzy, and the pooch as well.Their sole application is on the battlefield, and Americans are sick of seeing Walmarts and music festivals turned into summer stock revivals of Saving Private Ryan.

Then there’s the argument that the NRA and the GOP will use this stance to rile up their Uzi drooling base for the election. I’m sorry, remind me again, which base is that? Every time I see a picture of one of these social retards strolling down a city street, fondling his AR-15 the way a real man holds his girlfriend, I automatically think of two things. One, “There’s the only man in America with a smaller dick than Trump.” and two, “Those things cost like $800! How does this guy afford that thing on his salary as a pop up target on the Whack-A-Mole game at Chuck E. Cheeses?” And remember this. Statistically, gun ownership is way down in this country. something like 80% of the guns are owned by something like 5% of the population, that’s one of the reasons the NRA and the merchants of death are floundering, a dying market. There is no widespread base of support for assault weapons in this country!

And now for the real meat and potatoes in this argument. What exactly did Beto O’Rourke actually say on that stage a couple of nights ago? He was so surgically precise that he may as well have been doing cataract surgery. He said, “Hell yes! We’re coming for your AR-15’s! We’re coming for your AK-47’s! Those things have no place on American streets!” He didn’t say, “That’s right hillbilly boy, we’re coming for Grandpa’s squirrel gun,” or “OK pal! Hand over that .38 police special!” He restricted himself to the two styles of weapons with universal condemnation stamped all over them.

And best yet, he set that statement up in the most powerful, heart wrenching way possible. He spoke of meeting a mother who watched her 15 year old daughter bleed to death in the street, mainly because that mental midget in Odessa sprayed off so many rounds, that even with a full on mass disaster response, the emergency crews literally couldn’t get to everybody in time to save them all. And then he seamlessly segued into “Fucking-A right we’re coming for that shit! We’re taking out streets back!” You can’t do it any better than that.

Look, the GOP took a shameful spanking in the 2018 midterms, largely because white, college educated, traditionally GOP leaning suburban “soccer moms” fled the GOP over Trump and healthcare. Is there really anybody in the GOP who honestly thinks that those very same suburban women, or any other women or men with school age children are going to suddenly come running back to rally around the GOP so that mental defectives can have access to the kind of battlefield weaponry that require their toddlers to practice mass shooting drills at school every month? If so, then maybe that particular state should ban the sale and use of recreational marijuana, because somebody is slipping some really wiggy additives into that shit.

So please Republicans, you go right on ahead and put your money where your mouth is. You go ahead and run your little attack ads with Beto shouting that he’ll take away your weapons of mass destruction, Because the Democrats will only run the previous 70 seconds about 15-year-olds bleeding to death while their mothers watch in horror. Even vulnerable Senators like Corey Gardner, Martha McSally, and Susan Collins don’t want to touch this one with a 30 foot pole, and his inaction on this might just cost Mitch McConnell his job. But you guys go ahead and take your best “shot.” I dare you.

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These retards cling to the words written by a fountain under candle light in the late 18th century.
According to them, the right to bear ‘arms’ also means nuclear arms, ya know, cause thats what they said way back then. So the average Joe really needs ‘battle field ready’ assault rifles just in case of a tyrannical government needs over throwing.
Ya can’t fix stupid !

chris whitley
chris whitley

Yeah them 🐿 squirrels and rabbits are packing uzi’s. You go to war hunting. What are they hunting. I got a friend that has some AK 47s. They are useless unless you want to destroy trees or other defenseless objects. Stupid gun. Whatever.