Giuliani Tweets slurring defense of Trump attacks on Pelosi and gets walloped by Twitter

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John Brian Silverio / Flickr

First, Donald Trump went up to a podium set up at the White House Rose Garden holding some handwritten notes that looked like they were written by an angry illiterate. Then, our white supremacist in chief retweeted an obviously doctored video of misinformation, promoting a lie that Speaker Nancy Pelosi for having some kind of speech problem. Finally, Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolph Giuliani decided to throw in his, possibly inebriated, two cents.

Ooooooooookkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaay. I grew up and lived most of my life in New York City. There are two truly terrible things that have come out of New York City: Donald Trump and Rudolph Giuliani. There are other pretty terrible things that come out of the Big Apple, but virtually all of those things can be tied to one of those two men. To understand how awful Rudolph Giuliani is one must realize that his continued existence on the national stage is due to two of the worst American tragedies in recent memory—the attacks on September 11, 2001, and Donald Trump’s corrupt campaign and somehow more corrupt presidency.

Twitter saw Giuliani’s post and made sure to let them know what they thought of proof we do not live in a meritocracy.

You know it was your first thought.

Seems like it.

In this computer age, we dream of simple solutions for complex problems.

Considering the Trump administration’s policies, you have to laugh or you might cry.


Goalllllll! And finally, because something about the size of the glasses is perfect to me.

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