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Would Donald Trump answer any follow-up questions from Special Counsel prosecutors investigating the Trump crime family’s potential collusion with Russian operatives during the 2016 election? Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani says bluntly, “Over my dead body.”

During an interview with Hill.TV’s Buck Sexton, Giuliani reiterated previous statements that Donald Trump will never sit for an in-person interview with Robert Mueller, presumably because he doesn’t have the courage, moral conviction and most importantly, the facts or truthfulness on his side. But, Giuliani went further. Here’s the exchange.

Sexton: Do you expect the president, obviously you represent the president, do you expect that he’s gonna have to answer more questions in writing?

Giuliani: Well, I think I announced about 10 days ago, over my dead body and I’m not dead yet, so.

Sexton: That answers that.

Giuliani: Not answering any more questions from these people. They are outrageous activity. I’m, I’m, uh, you know, we did enough. We did everything. We gave them 1.4 million documents, we’ve not raised privilege for 38 witnesses. They’ve gone on from what they, what they started with to, you know, investigating cases that end up with 14 day jail sentences with Papadopolous. They are seeking no time for General Flynn. The judge is having trouble with that, but they are seeking no time for General Flynn.

Here’s the exchange.

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