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Fast report from the Washington Post. Crazier-by-the-day Rudolph W. Giuliani’s latest demand just increased the intensity, animosity and stakes, by increasing the pressure that President Trump and his lawyers are attempting to put upon special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s team. The demand seems to come right as Mueller’s investigation into alleged coordination between Trump’s campaign and Russia crosses a critical point in the investigation, that being the expected report to Congress.

We learned earlier today that Trump fears an obstruction charge (as does Rudy, who has admitted that it is the obstruction charge which is causing him the greatest concern), and it appears that Trump is near looking for reasons to not meet with Robert Mueller without having to say “no” outright. Trump wants to claim some sort of principle upon which he won’t meet with Mueller, the “trumped” up demand to see the “spy” (it’s not a spy) material, to which Trump has absolutely no right to see.

Bottom line, in case you haven’t figured it out, there is not a chance in a particularly humid place in hell that Trump is going to meet with Robert Mueller. It won’t be out of some principle, other than the principle that criminals do not like to answer questions to which they have no good answer, indeed, the answer will either confirm one crime (obstruction or collusion) or become the basis of a different charge, lying to the FBI.

Trump is trapped. It is only a matter of time, and the revelation that Trump ordered Sessions to reverse his recusal will send reverberations throughout Congress, where Sessions does have some allies who believe that Sessions has done the right thing – at least with respect to the Mueller investigation.

As per usual, Mueller and his team had no comment. They likely don’t have time, and will speak quite loudly, all too soon.

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  1. I’m a complete outsider to Mueller’s investigations but I still think this is going to be a very long investigation. I hope perhaps Mueller is going to take down some of the people who could stop his investigation, IF it’s actually possible. I really think he has enough right now to put them all in Prison, but … there are many more he’s still following so this isn’t any “schedule”, just a short break to get at some of the worst of the criminals and traitors, and tRump IS a full blown traitor, deserving the ultimate punishment!


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