MSNBC / YouTube Anti Trump Protests Grip Cities Nationwide...
MSNBC / YouTube

If you’re wondering what the Department of Homeland Security does with it’s time, supposedly they’re busy worrying about a joint Sino Soviet attack from Puerto Rico, triggered by the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, which will then lead to a UN takeover of the United States. Huh? Right. Dave Hodges, one of an endless number of far right conspiracy crackpots with an internet radio show, says that the Kavanaugh confirmation is “zero hour” and watch out for the Chinese and Russian hordes about to pour in, ala Red Dawn.

Trump will have to move fast and act with overwhelming force to cut the head off the Puerto Rican Governor’s actions, as he is already complicit in treason against the United States. The Puerto Rican government is allowing Chinese and Russian forces on the island, the plan entails the use of several EMP devices, on the mainland of the United States, that have been pre-positioned here,

Following the EMP distribution, there will be a fifth column attack by leftists, to stir up massive rebellion. This is the violence I spoke of being set up in various cities, by groups like Antifa, groups like Black Lives Matter, that we are going to see total hell and rebellion break out.

Take a listen, it’s a hoot. And while you’re guffawing, just remember that a lot of folks out there think this is real and they vote accordingly. Fear tactics are a large reason that we have Trump in the White House.

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