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Sean Hannity is still in Singapore.

He is still in Singapore because he does not want to be “in-transit” when the DOJ Inspector General releases his report on the FBI’s handling of the Clinton Email investigation.

You read that correctly, Sean Hannity is sitting in Singapore because he is anticipating a report coming out regarding Hillary Clinton. No, Hillary Clinton did not win the presidency, you are not in an alternative universe. But, for Sean’s purposes, she may as well have.

Now, there is a great deal to be concerned about with respect to how the FBI handled the Hillary Clinton email “scandal,” the fact that James Comey spent over an hour declaring Clinton to be reckless in the use of her own email server, eviscerating her over and over, when in fact the FBI never comments upon closed investigations, is but one example.There is also the fact that Comey violated the department’s own rule in sending out the letter that surely sealed Trump’s victory. But, this has nothing to do with that.

We can expect a report that eviscerates James Comey and likely Loretta Lynch. One could conclude that the fact that the Department has an Inspector General, who can issue a highly critical report, proves that the Justice Department can be trusted in its commitment to impartial rendering of non-political investigations, the rule of law, fairness and impartiality. The very fact that the Department can and will criticize itself should enhance the Department’s credibility when it levels its charges against Trump (via Mueller’s investigation, borrowing upon FBI investigation during the campaign). Yes, one could and should see the report in that light.

But that’s not the use which Sean Hannity – Trump’s media mouthpiece – intends for the report. No, expect Hannity and Trump to use the report to color Comey and the entire FBI as a rogue department that cannot be trusted, one with a political agenda against Trump. Thus, all evidence acquired throughout the investigation against Trump should be ignored because it is all made up, framing Trump.

That is what Sean Hannity viewers want to believe, and believe it they will, they already do, with no basis in fact whatsoever.

The other way to look at this is that this Trump’s last chance to destroy Mueller. The real Mueller report/indictments are coming soon, and if this doesn’t sink Mueller, nothing will.

I have noted that I think the populace breaks down in the following manner: 30% of the country will believe Trump if Trump said that he walked back from Singapore across the Pacific Ocean. Half, 50%, of the country knows that Trump is a criminal Russian agent, the only question is how deeply Putin has penetrated the U.S. government. Is it just that Trump laundered money for Putin’s friends and thus feels forced to do their bidding, lest they release the evidence, or is it much more insidious? Half our country is stuck somewhere in that summation.

That leaves 20% of the country up for grabs. These are the people who will determine the direction this country takes in the next century.

I think that most of the 20% will be highly persuaded by the “terrible report” put out tomorrow by Trump’s Inspector General. These 20% will likely believe that the report ends their faith in Mueller and his investigation, they will believe Trump has been framed.

They will believe that right up until the point that Mueller releases the evidence that he has acquired.

I expect Mueller to have evidence against Trump that is so damning, all but the 30% will accept it, and that includes a handful of Republican Senators – though not enough to convict Trump in an impeachment proceeding should one be initiated after November. I don’t see an impeachment in Trump’s future. The only way that I see Trump kept from serving a full four year term, is part of a plea deal with Mueller, stepping down from the presidency in exchange for an agreement not to prosecute Trump once he completes his term.

If that sounds unlikely to you, keep in mind, we have been hearing “hoax,” “frame,” “witch-hunt,” and all that for an entire year. It has worked, some. Trump’s approval rating is in the mid-40s, and Mueller’s “approval rating” is the lowest its ever been. But, Mueller doesn’t get to “speak” – only act. When some of the evidence against Trump is out in the open for all to see, I expect it to be powerful enough that the cries of “hoax” work against Trump, looking more like desperation, than defense.

But, tomorrow, there will be a full-frontal attack on all things Justice. Since our president doesn’t understand the definition of irony, this ought to provide a wonderful lesson. Trump will fully buy into the Department’s ability to investigate itself, he will find that investigation fully trustworthy, even as it proves that the Department can, in fact, deal with political problems and right itself. In the end, the worse the IG report, the more it proves that we can trust Mueller’s investigation. Isn’t it ironic?

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