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Ruth Bader Ginsburg has always reminded me of my mother. My mother is a small feisty lady like Ms. Ginsburg. One thing is that my mother will be ninety years old in a few days and Ms. Ginsburg was eighty-seven when she passed. What a sad day for the world. It leaves the door open for Trump and his corrupt henchmen to pervert the Supreme Court. Of course, they have corrupted every other institution so why should our Supreme Court be any different?!

I recently watched a video of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez speaking about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was talking about the need to vote and how we need to get out and organize and talk to people. Now this hits pretty close to home. When I turned 18, I was pretty much a rebel and didn’t have much use for government. But it seems through my days of running around I hooked up with people who were political. This went on for a while. I helped get people elected and did different things like that. But the one thing I didn’t do was register to vote.

At first, it was kinda like an oversight. But the more that time went on it became something of a badge of honor for me. It was my own little secret. Not saying it was right because it was really not a good idea. But it is what it is. That served me for 41 years. Then along came Donald Trump.  I am like, “How could this clown get elected?” I knew Trump from years of watching him, and that he was a creep and idiot. I had seen an article that said he had walked in on young girls dressing for his pageants. Of course, that didn’t go anywhere. His buddies with there sleazy publications did their best on catch and kill. And remember how I mentioned my mother? She got on him early and had a real hatred of him.

Anyway, while I was thinking about voting and laws I did a little research. There’s a very important date only a couple of days from now. It has to do with the emancipation proclamation.  September 22nd is the anniversary of the signing by President Lincoln. He signed it into law on that day. It didn’t become official till sometime in February. Now here’s another point I would like to make. I know that Trump makes a big deal out of Republicans being the party of Lincoln and that he freed the slaves. He kinda hits you over the head with it. Well, I got me a calculator and I figured out that that was 158 years ago when When President Lincoln signed that law. And although he signed it in 1862 and it was enacted in 1863 it didn’t really take effect until 1865. Now it has been a long time since all that happened. Now if you noticed the Republicans were from the north and the Democrats were from the south. One other thing should be noted. Although the slaves were free they really didn’t get anything else.

The way we are headed, we are going on the path of these big businessmen who own everything and the people don’t own anything. That’s a rough translation of an Authoritarian government. It’s plain as day. You have Trump giving the rich the biggest tax cut in our history. This was supposed to spur jobs. My ass, it spurred these people to buy back all their stock and make things easy for themselves. Just look at the farmers. They have nothing. He destroyed their market and left these farmers with zilch. Oh sure, he’s handed out money that was supposed to go to regular guys. Most of this money went to the corporate farmers. If you remember the brothers from Brazil that got 62 million dollars for their farms although they own a multitude of meatpacking plants that trump conveniently got added to the must work list. Although the majority of people that work there are minority’s that the disease targets. And it’s not just Trump. It’s his multitude of slime bags that enable him from Mitch McConnell on down. They don’t give a damn about anything that doesn’t make them richer. They are sleazy sick individuals that prey on your patriotism to enrich themselves. The no more care about the flag than about the toilet paper they use to wipe their asses. They know supporters are religious and patriotic. So, the scumbags play to it.

That was AOCs true message. We need to vote all these people out.  GET OUT AND VOTE! It’s for the survival of our Nation as we know it!

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