German Comedy Show ‘Bohemian Browser Ballett’ Cautions Us Not to Prematurely Label Nazis.


(Above: Who me? A Nazi?)

Bohemian Browser Ballett teaches us that just because it walks like a Nazi, thinks like a Nazi, and dresses like a Nazi doesn’t mean you should trust your lyin’ ears and eyes…

For all you non-Twitters, here’s the source on YouTube…

..and some Twitter responses:

For those who sprechen sie deutsch – here is the rest of Bohemian Browser Ballett’s on Funk, a German video hosting site.

In the video the not-a-Nazi SS officer was brilliantly portrayed by German Soap star Wolfgang Bahro:


And the soon to be unfortunate premature Nazi identifier by Schlecky Silberstein:


Awesome work, guys!

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Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

truth isn’t truth ???