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Georgia Sen. David Perdue, a Republican, Of Course, visited Georgia Tech on Saturday to campaign for Republican gubernatorial candidate and current Georgia secretary of state Brian Kemp. When Perdue was asked by a student activist to comment on Kemp’s apparent efforts to disenfranchise black voters in the state by putting 53,000 voter applications on hold, Perdue had a novel Republican response.

He simply swiped the student’s phone.

So I guess Perdue won’t be commenting on his candidate’s efforts to keep minority voters away from the polls, then?

“Had the situation today been the other way around, and if the Georgia Tech student had snatched a sitting U.S. senator’s phone, the student would likely have been arrested on the spot,” the group stated. “This behavior is shocking, appalling, and totally unbecoming of the supposedly hallowed office of U.S. senator.”

It may be those things and more, but wrestling a phone out of a constituent’s hands because you don’t like the question they asked you is, these days, a supremely Republican response. This may call for a few more columns on the death of civility and whatnot.

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