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As the GOP makes voter suppression their go-to strategy for winning the midterms, advocates across the country are challenged like never before to get out the vote. In Georgia, Republicans are doubling down on dirty tricks like purging voters from the rolls and throwing out absentee ballots in order to win the very close gubernatorial race. And as they intensify their efforts, Black Voters Matter is doubling theirs.

As a response to a bus full of black seniors in Georgia who were ordered off a bus while going to go vote, this Sunday, October 28th, Black Voters Matter is fighting back with an event called “No Voter Suppression Sunday.” Together with several other organizations committed to ensuring voting rights for all, they have organized a fleet of 10 buses to take 500 people to vote.

Here’s what you should know: 

Where: The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Building

501 Pulliam Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30312

When: Sunday, October 28th

Time: 11:30am-5pm

What: 10 buses taking voters around Atlanta and the surrounding counties to go vote plus food, music and fellowship once early voting ends.

Though Georgia Republicans may try their hardest to stop black and brown people from voting, Black Voters Matter is determined to keep going. As co-founder LaTosha Brown says, “can’t stop, won’t stop.” Remember, Republicans know they can’t win on their own. That’s why they are so afraid and need to cheat. Their biggest fear is what happens when Democrats win on November 6th. So, let’s make sure their fears are realized and stop them from terrorizing the millions of Americans who reject their hateful, regressive policies and platform.

Spread the word and make sure that as many people as possible know about and participate in “No Voter Suppression Sunday!”

To learn more about and contribute to the important work of Black Voters Matter, click here. And follow them on Twitter at @BlackVotersMtr.


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