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In a breathtaking display of corruption, employees managing a key Georgia election server wiped the drives and backups 4 days after a federal suit was filed seeking to analyse the systems for possible manipulation: AP Article

A computer server crucial to a lawsuit against Georgia election officials was quietly wiped clean by its custodians just after the suit was filed, The Associated Press has learned.

The server’s data was destroyed July 7 by technicians at the Center for Elections Systems at Kennesaw State University, which runs the state’s election system. The data wipe was revealed in an email sent last week from an assistant state attorney general to plaintiffs in the case that was later obtained by the AP. 

Who could be responsible for such a thing?

The Kennesaw election center answers to Georgia’s secretary of state, Brian Kemp, a Republican running for governor in 2018 and the suit’s main defendant.

Of course, he denies involvement in erasing the data.  

The lawsuit seeks to investigate possible hacking of the Georgia election system which relies on 27000 touchscreen voting machines that leave no paper trail. However, there is some hope that the data may be recovered. The FBI imaged the machine in question as part of an investigation into a gaping security hole at the Center for Elections.

The FBI is known to have made an exact data image of the server in March… The Oct. 18 email disclosing the server wipe said the state attorney general’s office was “reaching out to the FBI to determine whether they still have the image” and also disclosed that two backup servers were wiped clean Aug. 9, just as the lawsuit moved to federal court.

Beyond the much questioned 2016 Presidential race, this server could also reveal distortion of the results of the House race between Karen Handel (R) and Jon Ossoff (D), which the Republican narrowly won. Another day, another stunningly corrupt action by Republicans who have no interest in Democracy or the Will of the People. 

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