George Conway Ups His Game, Now Mocking Barr’s Redaction Efforts



This is the real Mueller report battle. Previously, we thought that just allowing Mueller to finish the report was the battle, and once we got it, all would be well. And, in fact, once we have it, all may be will. It’s the actual possession of it, unredacted, that we need. What’s the old expression, “possession is 9/10 of the law?” Exactly.

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1 Comment on "George Conway Ups His Game, Now Mocking Barr’s Redaction Efforts"

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Every dog has its day, and if you lay with dogs, you end up with fleas.
Anyone who lies or protects drump from accountability will reap the consequences along with Flynn, Manafort, Cohen & the rest.(inc GOP)
Mr William Barr could do well to remember that.
Why destroy a distinguished career, to protect such an evil gutter grub is beyond me.