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While watching All In with Chris Hays, the following tweet was sent out in the middle of the show:

Simply stated but devastatingly accurate. And it would be funny except that he is supposed to be The President of the United States, not the United Red States and sure as sh*t, not the Russian Federation.

Don the Cons impulsive, childish behavior and strong desire to appease his Boss  Limbaugh and his Banker Putin will get real people killed.

“She died beside Americans, and now that you are leaving, I will also die,” shouted a mother holding up the photograph of her dead daughter, who had served in a women’s unit of the main Kurdish militia, according to witnesses.

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  1. Will someone get this slime bag out of the Oval office one way or the other. He is a despicable human being. He belongs behind bars including his three children. If this guy is not removed from office I see black for this country. He is the most immoral and corrupt person this country has seen in office. He doesn’t know what the hell he is doing. Trump you are not above the Law!!!


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