On Friday, June 19th, 2020, as the COVID pandemic raged on and the economic collapse deepened…….less than one month after George Floyd was murdered by a police officer……and during the nationwide protests which followed……..

…..U.S. Attorney General William Barr lied to the American people, multiple times, in an effort to install a Trump-friendly head to the Southern District of New York Office.

In order to do that, he first had to force out the current head, US Attorney Geoffrey Berman.

But not before Geoffrey Berman had something to say about it……..

First AG William Barr plied Mr. Berman with higher-paying, higher-status jobs in the Dept. of Justice.  When that didn’t work, he lied to the American people and said that Berman had resigned.  When Berman told the American people he hadn’t resigned, Barr lied again, saying that Trump had fired Berman.  Trump then claimed he knew nothing about it…………

Still, Barr pressed for Berman’s ouster.

But Geoffrey Berman stood his ground, basically calling the USAG a liar, and said he would not be leaving.  Not until he had made arrangements for his deputy to take his place.

The stand-off ended when the USAG capitulated and agreed to Berman’s terms.

Less than two weeks later, Donald Trump’s former partying buddy, Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested and charged by that same Southern District of New York with six federal crimes, including enticement of minors, sex trafficking of children, and perjury.

And this morning, US Postal Service Agents arrested former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon or defrauding donors to his non-profit.


These are two people which I believe never would have been arrested and charged, had it not been for Geoffrey Berman’s bravery and fortitude.

He is not the only hero to have stepped forward and said “no” to this corrupt administration.

And I hope that he will not be the last.

On July 21st, 2020, Trump was asked about Ghislaine Maxwell

At a press conference ostensibly to discuss the coronavirus crisis gripping the US on Tuesday, Trump took questions from reporters, one of whom asked him about Maxwell’s recent arrest and whether she might implicate some of the “powerful men” who formed part of Epstein’s jet set social circle.

“I don’t know – I haven’t really been following it too much. I just wish her well, frankly,” Trump responded.

“I have met her numerous times over the years, especially since I lived in Palm Beach, and I guess they lived in Palm Beach. But I wish her well, whatever it is.”

I wonder what he’ll say about Steve Bannon…………..

Let’s all have a moment of silence for Geoffrey Berman, who stood his ground, told Barr to shove it, made his demands, refused to leave until they were met, and ultimately sacrificed his career.

For the country he swore to protect, from both foreign and domestic enemies.



Jonathan Turley, the legal expert invited by House GOPers to argue against Trump’s impeachment, argued that the indictment proved that Attorney General Bill Barr wasn’t trying to disrupt the SDNY’s investigations into Trump’s buddies by abruptly firing the office’s former U.S. Attorney, John Berman.

“The work of the office has obviously continued as promised by Barr in an independent fashion,” Turley tweeted.

The work continued because Berman wouldn’t allow Trump to install a sycophant to head the SDNY.  Jonathan Turd-ly is a liar.

In case there are those who don’t know:

Geoffrey Berman was nominated to his post at SDNY, PERSONALLY by Donald Trump, in order to keep a lid on any wrongdoing by Trump, Trump Org, his family or cohorts in NY City.

Berman was the only US Attorney candidate that Trump personally visited and interviewed.

This is one time where Trump inadvertently “hired only the best.”

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  1. In a continued theme… Manafort is being indicted AGAIN. it seems that one of the charges that were previously dismissed against him was done so mistakenly. It was thought a particular charge bore too much resemblance to a separate and but similar charge and Manifort’s Attorney argued it was double-jeopardy…

    The attending judge let it slide, but SDNY prosecutors looked more closely and there is precisely an exception for this particular crime that allows for separate charges per instance… a new judge agreed and the prosecution is back in play.

    So SDNY is stacking up felonies like a product at a poker chip factory…

    SDNY truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Let’s hope they have a special little lump of coal for Bill Barr this Christmas.

  2. By the way. Every single person who spoke truth to power, stood up for what was right, took the hit in the face of overwhelming force because dignity and decency demanded it, should be brought before Congress, after the election, and given the heroes acknowledgement they deserve.

    They should be asked how America can repay their courage and decency, job reinstatement, advancement, retirement with highest of honors, whatever they decide is fair, and we should make certain nobody forgets what they did for our nation. There should be no unsung heroes from the last 4 years.


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