I hear from some of my own family who are politically stupid that if Gaetz was guilty, he would be prosecuted.  I hear Trump and all the other criminals have done nothing or Biden’s AG would investigate and call for prosecution.   Even President Biden is getting frustrated according to this.


I understand investigations could be going on but I do not think they are a priority.  In the meantime red state governors are banning books, dictating schools and running around acting like there is no accountability and apparently there is not.

January 6th is a real investigation and there is more than enough proof to start gathering a grand jury for indictments.   I see it …you see it …and it does not take over a year to do something about laws being broken.

What in the world was Biden thinking hiring Garland for AG?


After several recent developments in the January 6 investigations that put the Justice Department in the center of the political whirlwinds, Attorney General Merrick Garland said Friday that the only pressure his agency feels is to “do the right thing” by following “the facts and the law.”

“The only pressure I feel, and the only pressure that our line prosecutors feel, is to do the right thing. That means we follow the facts and the law, wherever they may lead,” Garland said at a news conference Friday, where he was announcing new charges in an unrelated gun trafficking case.
Garland was asked about political pressure on the agency at the end of a momentous week for the efforts to scrutinize the 2020 election reversal plot.
On Monday, a federal judge said that it was “more likely than not that President Trump corruptly attempted to obstruct” Congress’ electoral certification vote. The assertion by US District Judge David Carter came in a documents disclosure case related to the House select committee investigation of the January 6 attack on the Capitol.
Several members of the committee cited the ruling on Monday evening as they called on the department to prosecute witnesses who are refusing to cooperate with the House probe.

I am not afraid of saying this out loud.  “Old Man, get your shit together and do your job and not at Turtle speed.  I can’t tell my grandkids to do the right thing when accountability seems to be lacking in the highest of high power places.

If he can;t move faster and do more than one or two arrests and not put Jan 6th as a priority then he needs to step down.  He is supposed to make sure there is law even from former presidents.  Now we have Ginny Thomas out there….Flushed documents…7 hours missing from phone logs…and no press conference or statement from this man.  What the Hell?  We all saw what happened and the Jan 6th committee has the evidence, what is the hold up?

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