Matt Gaetz, Republican in sex-trafficking investigation, marries in California

Haven’t seen this covered here yet, and perhaps others can write about this better than I (exceedingly likely, actually).

My question is, why now?  And why in California?  Why not Florida?

Especially when he posted a picture of her unconscious next to him on a plane a day or so ago.  Not quite the type of picture one posts of their dearly beloved.

It could be he’s so much in love he couldn’t wait.  It could also be, and this is speculation, that he thought if they were married he thinks he has some legal protection with the “wife can’t testify against her husband” thing, but IANAL.  There may have been some agreement that provides benefits or inducements that might not exist in the very near future.

Just wondering…


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Why did Matt elope?

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Why did Matt elope?

He was so deeply in love and couldn’t wait for a formal ceremony
0 votes
Prevent her being called as a possible witness against him
121 votes
She demanded the wedding to lock in assets for her, or else
42 votes
So he could get her recipe for Key Lime pie
21 votes

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