Gaetz, Again, Attempts to Simply Blow-Up Hearings


Let us just lay this out, first. It is palatable, though thoroughly ridiculous, for a Republican Congressman to argue that evidence of Trump’s actions do not rise to the level of impeachable conduct. I mean, that’s where the Republicans stand right now.

Trump could marry a harem of 18 year old mail order brides, criminally violating all kinds of laws and shit. Republicans would stand-up and say the laws are vague, and that many biblical figures had multiple wives, it’s just proof Trump is like God.

That’s just what they do.

But that’s not enough for Congressman Matt Gaetz, Gaetz wanted to clear the room.

“Mr. Chairman!” Gclamored as Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) introduced the witness.

“I have a parliamentary enquiry,” Gaetz said.

To which chairman Nadler replied with: “Get fcked and shut your mouth.” Maybe not those words, definitely in spirit.

Gaetz apparently decided that the committee tabled the instruction to get fck’d and continued

“The members get dealt out of this whole hearing for the next four hours!” he shouted. “You’re going to try to overturn the result of an election with unelected people.”

Gaetz is unaware of the rules – or drunk off his ass, or both  – and believes that the decision to impeach will be determined by the witnesses. Gaetz “forgot” that the Committee only votes a recommendation on articles, which are then voted upon by the entire House.

Nadler had to calmly tell Gaetz that Gaetz cannot yell in the hearing, nor can Gaetz just disrupt the entire meeting. Nadler then shook his head and whispered that he is going to call the Red Cross and report crime against humanity. Nadler might have just silently wished it, maybe. But I got the message.

“The gentleman will suspend,” Nadler said, raising his voice. “The gentleman will not yell out and will not attempt to disrupt the proceedings.”

It is stunning that the Republicans have created a separate world. In their separate world, everything Trump does is divine. He is not to be questioned by mere humans. Their god can damn you to hell with one tweet.

I probably need to hit a beach or find some wilderness area where I can’t reach anyone. Unfortunately, one doesn’t make $30K a month by brilliantly writing on the net, and thank god for that because I’d lose all credibility.

I cannot live in this Republican world. When I go to the store and hold up a box of Raisin Bran, I want it to have Raisin Bran in it and not mushrooms. Republican world would say it is shitake mushrooms. Gaetz would chew up mushrooms and spit them everywhere to close the hearing.

As I said, a break would be in order.


Peace, y’all * BTW, you guys are deeply appreciated, I’ve had messages from four continents and god knows how many states. Feel free to write it keeps me going.

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Why doesn’t Gaetz get thrown in jail for disrupting the hearings? I i behaved the way these imbeciles behave at work, i’d be long fired.


You have clearly misunderstood what is happening. The entire Republican Party is more than aware of what a toxic scumbag Donald is, they have no illusion to the contrary.

They are just perfectly willing to plug their noses and run around screaming he smells like roses at the top of their lungs because it is politically expedient.


Yeah gaetz may have had a few cocktails for breakfast but that’s what these people seem to be in some intoxicated state because most rational people don’t act like that. He’s such a douchebag and he’s even getting douchier, if that’s even a word, but you get my point. Their disruptive actions are disgustingly pathetic. Grow up ashhole

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

The Dems have to stop pissing around with this idiot and either have him act with some since 9which he doesn’t have) or have him removed. It’s enough now and time to get serious. They are doing nothing but obstructing.

chris whitley
chris whitley

Well it’s Matt babies job to go out there and disrupt proceedings and to get in front of cameras as much as possible. You know where you send one idiot to defend the other idiot.