HuffPost / YouTube Does Donald Trump Have Anger Issues...
HuffPost / YouTube

Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee requested  — and got — the Tax Returns of various conservative and liberal groups, as they saw fit.  Some of which they even made public, in violation of the authorizing Oversight Law, as this recent HuffPost story explains …


Accusing Democrats of having “political” ― as opposed to legitimate oversight ― reasons for wanting to see Trump’s tax returns is the GOP’s main talking point these days.

And as talking points go, it’s an awkward one. Republicans themselves used private tax returns for political purposes just a few years ago, and they used the very same law that Democrats are now relying on to request the last six years of Trump’s tax returns.

Back in 2013, Republicans thought the Internal Revenue Service under President Barack Obama was mistreating conservative groups that wanted to be recognized as tax-exempt nonprofits. So they asked the IRS to hand over tax information for conservative groups such as Crossroads GPS as well as a few liberal groups such as Priorities USA.

Congress has the power to ask for copies of anyone’s tax return thanks to a 1924 law enacted as a check on corruption in the executive branch. — April 8, 2019

SOOO, it’s only OK to request Tax Returns when you’re a Republican-led Committee ?

When it’s a Dem-led Committee, the 1924 Congressional oversight Law no longer applies ???


In what world does this make sense?

Why, in Trump-world of course.

A place where every gang-member seems to have SOMETHING to hide.


— — —

The Dark Side very strong with this bunch, it is.

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  1. The Repugnicans, with Drumph and McVenal at their helm, always project on others what they themselves think, or would do, or in this case did. Their trick is to accuse others, usually the Democrats, but often professionals in the FBI or DOJ, of these kinds of things FIRST. McTurtle is all of a sudden accusing Democrats of not voting on the president’s appointed judges (!), and saying that’s never happened before. (!!!) The Repugs not only would make the request for partisan reasons, but had how many investigations of Bengazi for partisan reasons? of all sorts of other ridiculous and made-up [fake] scandals that they had to investigate — for partisan reasons?
    They cannot imagine that anyone in Congress really believes in the ideals that they proclaim when they run for office, and then act on when they get into office. And they have a good reason for their ignorance and lack of understanding: they themselves not only would never do that, but they don’t even know anyone who would do that.

  2. Think again Moron Trump, you are not above the law. The truth shall prevail and everything will come to light what this crime family has done.


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