Funny how Trump Loyalists have a “Sudden Recollection” when they are Facing down serious Jail Time


Grand Juries are behind closed doors for a reason. So has been the Congress’ Impeachment Inquiry.  You don’t want all the members of the Criminal Conspiracy — to compare notes on what everyone else is saying.  You don’t want the cabal to have a chance to get their “stories straight” …

Such a precaution leads to embarrassing and humorous “restorations of memory lapses” — like we witnessed today, in this rush “revised testimony” …

Sondland, Trump’s appointee, changes testimony to say there was clear quid pro quo

by Mike Lillis and Oliva Beavers, TheHill —  11/05/19


[Gordon] Sondland, a Republican mega-donor who gave $1 million to Trump’s inauguration, was interviewed by lawmakers behind closed doors on Oct. 17 but revised his testimony on Monday, after a string of subsequent witnesses appeared before the three committees leading the impeachment investigation.

In the revision, Sondland said he recalled a Sept. 1 meeting with Andriy Yermak, a top aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in which the aid was contingent on a public statement from Zelensky regarding launching probes that would benefit Trump politically.

“After a large meeting, I now recall speaking individually with Mr. Yermak, where I said that resumption of U.S. aid would likely not occur until Ukraine provided the public anti-corruption statement that we had been discussing for many weeks,” Sondland said.

So the Trump EU Ambassador Sondland decided to throw everyone else under the Trump Bus — rather than spend a significant time in Jail himselfSuddenly he remembers ‘delivering the terms’ of “Trump’s Quid-pro-Quo” himself, to a top official in the new Ukrainian administration.

Funny, how having time to “consider your options” will do that to a person.  Staying true to his “Trump Loyalty Oath” — is just not worth the 3-5 years in the Lockdown Hotel, he would have to pay in exchange for the “privilege” of being just another Trump Stooge.

Rats jumping out of Trump ship
A Trump Oath and a vow of Silence — will get you about 3-5 on Perjury Charges, if you’re lucky.

Let’s hope that more former Trump Loyalists are quick to follow suit.  And wake up to the fact, that the Lying-corrupt Dirtbag — is just not worth it.  

Worth doing the time.   For his crimes.

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4 Comments on "Funny how Trump Loyalists have a “Sudden Recollection” when they are Facing down serious Jail Time"

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This won’t be the last one who will maybe amend their testimony, yeah that charge of perjury would open up some eyes


Sounds like he would rather spend time in His hotels than the federal hotel. I also read that people were boycotting his hotels. He won’t be making million dollars donations in a hurry in the future. Good job Dems

Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

Perhaps a weekend stay at the Doral resort would convince the rest of those in defiance of Congress that 3 to 5 in the Lockdown Hotel just isn’t worth it.

chris whitley
chris whitley

That’s what I’m talking about. Lock em up.