For the last three years, the religious right has mounted what can only be described as a bullying campaign. They insist that God hacked the election for Trump, and all efforts to resist him and remove him are driven by the devil.

You would have thought that Mick Mulvaney’s crass admission that the Ukraine affair was a quid pro quo, as well as Bill Taylor’s damning testimony, would have made the fundies back off. Well, at least two of them have googled down on the crazy.

First up, Rick Wiles of TruNews. Just hours after Taylor’s testimony, Wiles warned the Democrats against pushing any further with impeachment. His explanation, per Right Wing Watch? If Trump is ultimately removed, some diehard Trump supporters may be mad enough to take matters into their own hands. No, this isn’t shark.

Wiles claimed that diehard Trumpkins who “know how to fight” are getting sick and tired of the Democrats going after Trump. He claimed that if the Democrats do manage to dump Trump, these diehards will “hunt them down.”

If this isn’t stochastic terrorism, what is? As I noted at RDTDaily, it can’t be stated enough—this happened mere hours after Taylor’s testimony.

On Thursday, a slightly less deplorable evangelist, Perry Stone, weighed in. During his weekly prayer meeting at his church in Cleveland, Tennessee—near Chattanooga—Stone claimed that it’s obvious that the devil hates Trump. He claimed that it’s equally obvious that many of Trump’s foes are possessed by demons. Nope, this isn’t snark. Right Wing Watch got a clip.

Stone claimed that Adam Schiff has the look of someone who’s possessed when he mentions Trump—his eyes “grow big as saucers,” and he looks like he’s “having a seizure.” He claimed that other Democrats are the same way—evidence they’ve been “given over to reprobate minds. Remember, this was 48 hours after Taylor’s testimony.

Even in the face of the strongest evidence yet that Trump indeed committed high crimes, they’re still bullying people into bowing and praying to the orange god they made.

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  1. What ever happened to love thy neighbor, do onto others as you would have done to thyself , I that stuff doesn’t apply any more, let us pray


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