From Total Exoneration to Total Bullsh!t in less than a Month

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Well that didn’t take long.  Ringling Brothers Showman Donald Trump went from claiming the Mueller Report meant, that he was Totally Exonerated

To claim that the Mueller Report was full of Total Bullshit

One might call that a “Total Flip-Flop”.  A self-contradiction, a shill’s gotcha.

The 10-times Obstructor went from singing Mueller’s praises …

To claiming Robert Mueller was not an honest broker …

To claiming the Special Counsel must have fabricated evidence

To whining about his own “most humiliating thing” ever …

Even to the point of calling the Investigators “treasonous” — and seeking revenge …

No matter how much he stirs the pot, however, Conman and BS-slinger Donald J Trump …

is going to find out, that he can’t stop people from reading The Report all about him.

The more he complains about it, the more people will finally realize …

That he was NOT Totally Exonerated after all — and that premature-exclamation by Crooked Donald was itself a load of Total BS, instead.

Just read his “very far from vindication” Tweets.

As Trump once again slumps in his chair and sees “the end of his presidency” written on the First Amendment wall.  All over again.  As in “he’s totally f*cked!” … AGAIN.

Greatest Show on Earth — it was not.

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Paul Caddenhead
Paul Caddenhead
At this point, I can’t think of a single reason that anyone should believe anything that Trump says or tweets. He has demonstrated repeatedly that, given factual and truthful information, he will convert it to a manipulative remark, a misleading assertion, or an outright falsehood before repeating it. Many of his associates and followers are similarly endowed. (We might, otherwise, have never known how pervasive this is.) Republicans are unrepentant, having not one candidate to offer as an alternative to the re-election of Donald Trump. (The kind of mistake the Democrats made in the last election and are likely to… Read more »

The investigation must go on to get this criminal out of office. His manner of speaking is very offensive and it looks like he did not learn any manners in school, the total idiot.