I found this article on The Hill, which is a rag that supports Trump and was involved with the Ukraine Scandal, reporting that Trump is making it impossible for Senate Republicans to ignore him.  Normally, I take what The Hill reports with a mountain of salt, but I think this time The Hill may be correct.  Trump lives for revenge, and his recent comments on the Jan 6th insurrection and last year’s election are continuing the Big Lie and laying the foundation for another slow motion insurrection.  The only good news with this article is that Trump is going to fuck up Mitch McConnell’s plans for 2022.

Senate Republican leaders have tried to put former President Trump in the rearview mirror, rarely mentioning his name and keeping focused instead on the Democratic agenda, but Trump’s iron grip on the party’s grassroots is making it tougher and tougher to keep ignoring him.

Mainstream Republicans are getting increasingly caught up in the party’s internal battle over Trump’s legacy, with even stalwart conservatives such as Sens. James Lankford (R-Okla.), Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), John Boozman (R-Ark.) and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) getting called out as insufficiently loyal to Trump or “Republicans in name only.”

Both Lankford and Boozman have drawn Trump lunatics as primary challengers in 2022.

In Oklahoma, Lankford, who is also up for re-election, is coming under pressure from pro-Trump forces. State Republican Party Chairman John Bennett has endorsed Lankford’s primary challenger, Jackson Lahmeyer, a 29-year-old pastor from Tulsa.

Lahmeyer has said he’d like to see Trump reinstated as president and believes he would be if battleground states followed Arizona and conducted audits of their election results.

The Oklahoma State Republican Party will vote later this month on a resolution censuring Lankford and Inhofe for not objecting to the certification of Electoral College vote on Jan. 6, when a pro-Trump crowd stormed the U.S. Capitol to stop the tally

Emphasis is my doing.

On Monday, former professional football player Jake Bequette announced he would challenge Boozman in the 2022 Senate Republican primary, proclaiming himself as “a true conservative who will advance the Trump conservative agenda.”

While Boozman already has Trump’s endorsement, Bequette sought to portray himself as a Trump-aligned outsider and Boozman as an ally of the GOP establishment in Washington.

“He’s been in Washington for over 20 years. He’s going on his third decade in Washington, in the swamp,” Bequette told the Associated Press.

So it appears the state GOP in OK is unhappy enough with their extremely conservative senators to hold a vote to censure them, and one of them has a Trump lunatic running for his seat.  And one of Trump’s followers has decided to take on another Republican in AR, even though the Orange One did not sanction it.  

The good news for Boozman is that he has three challengers for his seat on the Republican side.   They may split any anti-Boozman vote among the three and let Boozman keep his seat.  This is the hardest part for GOP candidates from ruby red states:  getting through a primary.

And they do mention the trials and tribulations of poor old Lisa Murkowski in AK.

And if you are wondering what McConnell and his cronies in the Senate think about this, well, they do not want to keep talking about the 2020 Election.  According to Senator Thune, they would prefer to talk about “protecting” the rest of us from Biden’s policies that will “turn” the U.S. into “Europe.”  And he claims they have an agenda for our economic challenges — let me guess.  Tax cuts! — and on crime and strengthening our borders.

Tax cuts for the wealthy, scary black people stealing and killing good white folk, and hordes of brown people invading our blessed country.

I don’t know about you all, but it sounds like Republicans are entirely retro to me.  The choice is relive 2020, or you can go further back in time to Republican golden oldies on tax cuts and white male supremacy.  Not much of a choice for forward thinking.

Still, anything that ruins McConnell’s plans for becoming Senate Majority Leader is fine wth me.

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