From the Guy who coined “Moscow Mitch” — we get this Blunt call-out of Trump’s Corporate Donors

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I’m kind of liking the directness of this recent new ally of the Democratic Party.

MNSBC host Joe Scarborough said Monday that President Trump’s reelection campaign donors are funding white supremacy.

“The president never tones down his rhetoric. In fact, for those of you who are funding Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, you may want to take note that because you keep writing checks to this president it’s on you, it really is, because you are funding this white supremacist campaign,” Scarborough said on “Morning Joe.”

The former Republican congressman called out the “CEOs,” “business people,” “millionaires and billionaires” who are donating to Trump despite what Scarborough said are continued white supremacist attacks by the president.

It’s your money that is funding this white supremacy because you won’t tell him to stop. You won’t tell him ‘talk about the economy and I’ll write you a check, keep up the white supremacist attacks and I’m gonna ask for a refund,’” he said.

“Why is that? Are you a white supremacist? Does your company support white supremacy? Does a corporation that you run, do they support white supremacy? Because the attacks and the attempts continue.”

[…] — Aug 5, 2019

With Dems advocates like this we might actually make the ‘mushy middle’ take notice.

Perhaps even, some outraged and regretfully Republicans too, while he’s truth-telling.

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Joe Scarborough:

“Because you keep writing checks to this president — it’s on youIt really is.  It’s all on you, because you are funding this white supremacist campaign …”

Thank you sir, for speaking out.  Thanks for tagging Mitch with the Putin’s lackey label, too.

Way to get his goat!   

Much obliged.

This guy’s gotta go too — NRA Mitch: Doing their dirty work for them, for over 20 years.
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4 Comments on "From the Guy who coined “Moscow Mitch” — we get this Blunt call-out of Trump’s Corporate Donors"

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Trump IS a white supremacist.

Markm Mitchell
Markm Mitchell

Wake up, America.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico
..Ya , the (fat cats ) that got all the tax cuts , that support Trump , are concerned ,that they maybe exposed to harm ,because they support Trump. … …What about the Democrats and those that don’t support Trump , who have been exposed to racist rants and life threatening calls?? .., That’s OK WITH YOU GUYS ??? …Old saying , know them for what they do , not what they say..You (mega rich ) ,that supported Trump’s tax cut that ,gave you guys ,billions (you …didn’t need ),and didn’t put back into the economy . …And those that… Read more »

Love me some Morning Joe on MSNBC. Watch if you want truthful news and commentary from a variety of reporters and specialist.
I hope Kentuckians will come to their senses and support Amy McGrath and “Ditch Mitch”