From ‘No Comment’ to ‘Didn’t Really See It’: GOP Lawmakers Squirm When Asked About Trump Threat to Unleash Military on Protesting Americans

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“Didn’t really see it.”  “I don’t have any comment on that.”  “Sorry, I’m late for lunch.”  These were but a few of the responses from Senate Republicans to questions from NBC News reporter Kasie Hunt Tuesday on President Donald Trump’s threats the previous evening to deploy the U.S. military to cities around the country roiled by unrest over last week’s killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers.

Trump on Monday also announced he was deploying the military to the streets of Washington, D.C.  While Trump has the authority to mobilize U.S. military troops in the nation’s capitol, he cannot do so in any other U.S. city absent emergency declarations or permission from Congress.

Video from the city’s streets on Tuesday afternoon showed military vehicles moving through downtown neighborhoods.

“This was the same response in Nazi Germany,” photographer Jerry Avenaim tweeted in response to a claim from Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) that he had not seen the president’s comments.

The lack of criticism among GOP lawmakers in response to the president’s threats, argued Adam Weinstein in The New Republic on Tuesday, is only further evidence of the slide by the president’s GOP towards a fascism quite similar to that of Hitler and Mussolini last century.

“It is time to embrace the parallels, to be unafraid to speak a clear truth,” wrote Weinstein. “Whether by design or lack of it, Donald Trump and the Republican Party operate an American state that they have increasingly organized on fascist principles.”

“The message of this federal government is unambiguous,” continued Weinstein, adding, “The message is: Join the fascist party. We’re winning.”

Economist Robert Reich took a different view, saying the lack of condemnation was the result of deep-seated cowardice.

“Our country is at a breaking point,” Reich tweeted, “and these spineless toadies can’t even pretend to stand up to their Dear Leader.”

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William J Stefens
William J Stefens

These Trumpublicans are total cowards and have and continue to disgrace and betray their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of these United States. They are spineless cowards choosing to do what is easy instead of what is right. And, what is right is to state the truth in that Trump’s words and actions are that of a fascist dictator and coward.


There a sorry Gop jackass getyourhead
Outtrumps ass he is goingto take you all
Down with him.he is going down.


Too late


Appears no one is paying attention to what their leader is doing. Just. stay out of donnie’s way. It mist be nice to have a good paying job where you don’t t have to do anything. —- just vote the way moscow mcconnell tells you. Time to do some serious replacing.