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Ex-Mexican Presidente Vicente Fox has posted a video aimed at Trump that’s worthy of SNL.  Here’s a short article about it on HuffPo.

The video contains a short message to Trump consisting mainly of five questions Fox thinks Trump should ask himself “before you push the button”:

  1. Would you, as a young Donald Trump, have fought in this war?
  2. Are you making war for the right reasons or for ego reasons?
  3. Have you given diplomacy enough time?
  4. Do you like video games?
  5. Do you want to be a hero?

I do take exception to item #4.  Presidente Fox suggests that Trump play video games so he can get his “war orgasm” without anyone having to die in real life.  But as Fox himself says:

They have games like “Call of Duty” that are so lifelike that you almost feel like you’re making a real war.

Now, not to call Presidente Fox’s intent into question, but given Trump’s apparent inability to distinguish between our reality and his fantasy, playing Call of Duty could be disastrously  counter-productive for everyone.

Finally, a note about #5. Fox asks Trump if he wants to be a hero, then notes (spit take warning for the end of the quote — NO, DON’T PEEK):

All you have to do is quit.  Just walk away.  It will make so many people happy, including you.  You can finally golf again.  And you can go back to the woman you love. 


Here’s the video itself: 

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