There are moments in an entertainer’s career that can be quite awkward for the support team. Like when a big “comeback” tour, complete with big-name opener, proves more of a “go away again” tour.

Ticket sales are moving slowly for the coming Trump-O’Reilly stadium tour

Donald Trump is having trouble selling advance tickets for his upcoming speaking tour with conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly, according to interviews with ticketing officials for the venues.

Early last month, Trump and O’Reilly, the one-time top Fox News host, announced a joint “History Tour” featuring four stops in December. O’Reilly said his conversations with Trump “will not be boring,” while the former president promised “fun, fun, fun for everyone who attends.”

It’s hard to imagine anything more “fun, fun, fun” than watching two rapidly-aging sexual predators attempt to out-lie one another from opposing wing chairs, but, apparently, the ticket-buying public can do so.

Tickets went on sale for the events on June 14. While most seats are priced between $100 and $300, a “VIP Meet & Greet Package” goes for more than $8,500 and includes getting pictures taken with Trump and O’Reilly and a pre-show, 45minute reception.

The events are not until the end of the year, Trump’s camp notes. But so far, the pace of purchases has been slow compared to other acts, arena officials say.

The understandably anonymous quotes in the Politico piece break new ground in the competitive field of professional understatement.

“It hasn’t been [selling] like crazy.” “We have concerts that are doing a lot better than this.”

Indeed. Bad Bunny and Kane Brown are seriously besting the Unrighteous Brothers’ comeback, as are “comedian Katt Williams and podcast star Joe Rogan.” Carrot Top’s show at the Luxor likely has firmer numbers.

If sales continue this lackluster, I imagine some venues will have to cancel the events. Sparking up the lights and AC in a 20,000-seater ain’t cheap.

Should that happen, look for a sour grapes cancellation of the entire tour. Baby Huey’s fragile ego would insist on it.

Pro tip: Hold off on the merch orders.

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