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Okay, now we get it. The real collusion was between Hillary and Russia, according to [people surely paid off by the Russian government] Fox News analysts. Even though Russian bots sowed division throughout the campaign, even though the leaks that occurred, strangely, all impacted Hillary Clinton negatively, and even though nothing about Donald Trump and Russia leaked prior to the election, it had to be Hillary colluding with the Russian government, according to Fox via Raw Story:

The Fox host asked former Clinton staffer Adrienne Elrod if the entire Russia scandal could have been avoided if former President Barack Obama had stopped Russia before they even started. Elrod explained that there was a lot of work going on behind the scenes. Given the security level, it’s likely much of the information available at the time could not be made public.

“A lot of work behind the scenes” includes the FBI warning the Trump campaign that Russian agents might try to infiltrate their campaign, the original reason that the FBI watched anything. But, this is what Trump refers to as “spy gate.”

The Fox host along with Pavlich went on to claim that Clinton was colluding with Russia because her campaign partially paid the law firm that bought the opposition research dossier from Christopher Steele. Another portion of the dossier was paid for by Republicans hoping to discredit Trump prior to the general election. For that reason, Fox News believes Clinton colluded with Russia more than Trump did.

So easy to say now, while it is just Trump tweeting away with stubby fingers, might be much more difficult to say, once Robert Mueller has presented all his evidence.

Oh, one other thing, I’ll bet that Hillary would be happy to talk with Robert Mueller, why does Trump keep refusing?





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