Fox Poll, Impeachment Support Rising: Trump ANGRY at Fox


Imagine if you will, feeling entitled to nothing but good news from everyone in your life. Speak to your spouse? Hear how great you are as a lover. Speak to your boss? It is bonus time, as no one is better. Speak to your dog? Well, wait, that one’s not fair because every dog worth being a dog is going to tell you you’re the best.

But anyway, the exercise allows you to sort of imagine how Trump walks around day to day, expecting to hear from everyone about his greatness. Except from the dog. A dog is incapable of lying, which is why Trump doesn’t have one.

Trump expects Fox “News” to issue only the best news. This doesn’t qualify as the best news, or even good news: Per Fox News:

Support for impeaching President Donald Trump hit a record high of 54% in a Fox News poll that was released on Sunday.

Half of those surveyed told Fox News that the president should be impeached and removed. An additional 4% believe that the president should only be impeached. In all, 13 percent more respondents thought that the president should be impeached than those who thought he shouldn’t.

Personally, I think that’s great news. Some of the best I’ve heard in a while.

But good news is in the eye of the beholder, and you know who was none too happy about it.


If there is one aspect of Fox News of which we’re all sure, it is that it always leans Democratic. After all, their entire business plan rides on keeping Democrats happy.

Does Trump expect people to believe this shit?

Glad I asked:

Now that’s a hall of fame grievance right there. Think of where he’d be without a line-up of Hannity, Carlson and the other one, Laura.

Those numbers seem a bit suspect, though. No, not the impeachment numbers, they’re fine. I’m talking the Trump numbers. Not at all sure where that “overall” number comes from. It would seem pretty tough to have an overall approval rating of 51% when 54% want to see the man impeached, and half want him removed altogether.

Of course, the real story is that it took Trump to complain about Fox’s biased coverage of a conservative Republican. No other president, ever, had a 24-hour propaganda network willing to match him lie for lie, yet that’s not good enough for Trump.

He wants a new pollster, damnit. Somewhere out there is one that can find one that delivers the numbers Trump wants.


Pay me, pay me lots! I will deliver those numbers. I will poll parking lots of Baptist churches down south and those numbers will go up, damn straight.

He is just so obviously terrified of losing his presidency, one way or another. In TV, if your ratings go down, you get canceled. I guess it sorta works that way in politics, too, at least the way he does it, felonies and all.

You’d think he’d change up some things, maybe try to broaden his audience …. ha ha. Never mind.


Peace, y’all

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3 Comments on "Fox Poll, Impeachment Support Rising: Trump ANGRY at Fox"

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Emperor numb nutus has all the bigliest numbers in that Richard cranium. He wouldn’t a fact if it beeeaaacha slapped him. He’s really feeling the pressure now. I think that he’s going to do something stupid to try to make a bigly distraction really soon. Lord help us

chris whitley
chris whitley

Keep on going on impeachment. Love those numbers. To bad scumbucket. Better luck next time. From what I see, if I were trump and McConnell I wouldn’t be thinking it’s done deal. Just saying!

j walker
j walker

Trump will force them to say that The House never impeached Trump. Hannity will say that the vote is illegal and spread lies about a coup taking place.